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We are the beating heart of our charging infrastructure. We're currently building and expanding the most flexible and scalable charging management platform, Everon. Join our team!

We're at the center of creation

Our software engineers are the creators of the online platform and infrastructure needed for our charging solutions. They're ensuring the best charging experience for electric drivers, and the easiest cost and energy management for station operators. The Software Team is made up of genius minds and funny-pants coming from 6 different nations, speaking about 10 (programming) languages each. Together, they form the center of creation within our company, and the beating heart of our charging infrastructure.

“People here at EVBox are very bright and open. And the industry we work for is so fresh, so flexible, and undefined—especially in the Software space, where you can leave your footprint wherever you go. I see our department as the center of creation.”

- Piotr Krzepczak, Senior Architect & Head of Software Development

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