No doubt your office is sustainable and innovative. But what about your parking lot? Placing charging stations on-site makes you a lifesaver for every electric driver, and an essential contributor to a greener future.

The age of electric mobility

We’ve surpassed the mark of two million electric vehicles on the road worldwide. The more people go electric, the higher demand for a charging infrastructure. That’s why it’s crucial for you as a business owner, to offer charging facilities at the workplace. We've lined up the most important benefits below.

“We believe LA should be a global focal point for advancing electric vehicle infrastructure and mobility innovation. That’s why we’re building a state of the art EV showcase at the La Kretz Innovation Campus where we can demonstrate a variety of smart charging equipment, EVs, and mobility solutions.” - Ben Stapleton, CPO at LACI

Provide the best service for your staff & visitors

Help your staff and visitors make the most out of their time at the office. Hook them up with a charging station, so they're fully charged once they're back on the road. To top it off, impress them with personal charging cards that can give them access to your charging facilities during business hours and beyond.

Attract new talent

Young professionals care about jobs with a greater cause. By providing charging points at the workplace, you show your support for electric mobility and clean transportation, and you'll attract a new breed of talents that have a passion for purpose-driven companies.

Foster your CSR & brand identity

Showcase your company’s innovative and sustainable identity by providing custom branded charging facilities for your staff and guests as an indispensable service, and as a gesture of hospitality. Ensure that your resources will be used as efficient and eco-friendly as possible with smart charging stations & contribute to accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility.

Help your staff adopt electric driving

Offer your staff electric vehicle options within their lease choice. Support them further by offering home charging solution as well as energy cost settlement. Ensure your staff stats every day fully charged and is automatically reimbursed for their energy usage.

Placing a charging station at the office?
This whitepaper guides you through the process.


Why EVBox?

Placing charging stations at the workplace can be a bit more complex than at home. You need to manage the power consumption and costs. This means that you'll need to be able to balance the energy going into your charging stations without affecting your site's power capacity. At the same time, you'll also need to ensure that everyone can charge effortlessly, without having to fight who goes first.

This is where we come in. We offer an all-in-1 charging solution that will take care of it all. From the installation and online integration of each station, to the tracking and billing of your charging sessions, we allow you to both operate and manage charging stations with ease and efficiency. Our expertise nurtured over the years, have made us the go-to charging point operator for more than 30 countries and over 980 cities today.

Just getting acquainted with electric-car charging? It's very simple. This video sums up nicely how to charge electric cars and how to manage charging sessions:

Ready to go electric?

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