Charging at home, on a private driveway

With a charging station on your home driveway, you get to hit the road fully charged every day.

The age of electric mobility

More than two million drivers across the world have swapped their dusty old clunkers, for a clean, electric car. Access to charging facilities have now become a necessity for every electric driver. Unlike regular electricity sockets, a charging station ensures a safer usage of your home and vehicle’s capacity. With your very own charging station at home, you will start every single day fully charged.

“I bought a home charging station right after I got my first electric car two years ago. It feels very reassuring knowing that my car’s topped off sufficiently every time I’m ready to hit the road.” - Gerard, customer EVBox.

Get the best offer

We promise you a fast and reliable charging experience. All thanks to our charging stations' smart modular design that maximizes the performance, and minimizes the maintenance. Our charging stations are also compatible with any home and electric vehicle on the market.

Get reimbursed on your charging costs

We offer you insights into the power usage of your charging station and your charging sessions, and invoice your charging costs with your employer or lease manager.

Get powered in green

Our charge cards give you access to your charging station at home, on the go, and even abroad. EVBox charging cards and key fobs guarantee green power at all public charging stations in The Netherlands.

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