Can I charge my car on any charging station?

You can charge your car on charging stations that are compatible with your charging cable and that are able to read your charge card.

Yes, if the charging station is compatible with your charging cable and able to read your charge card.

Just like regular electricity outlets, charging stations may have different outlets and connectors depending on the country where you're charging and your car brand's origin. Luckily, to make it things less complicated, car manufacturers have now cut it down to two types of outlets and connectors for you to keep in mind. From the car’s side, a Type 1 socket is common for Japanese and American vehicles, and a Type 2 socket is common for European vehicles. Note: US Tesla models are equipped with a specific type of socket, whereas European Tesla models carry Type 2 sockets. From the charging station’s side, all chargers in both Europe and the US are equipped with a Type 2 socket. A charging station with a fixed cable is an exception; in this case, you would always have to check if the attached cable fits into your car’s socket.

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Where can I find charging stations?
You can generally find charging stations in the following locations:

  • At home in a private garage / drive way, or at a designated parking spot / shared parking facility (common for apartments).
  • At work at your office building's parking facility, either reserved or (semi)public.
  • In public along the streets, on the highway, and at any public parking facility you can think of - e.g. shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc. Whether you have access to all public charging stations depends whether your charge features roaming. If "roaming" is activated, you have access charging stations from various charging point operators.

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