Can I invoice my charging costs or get them reimbursed?

Yes, you can! By signing up to our charging management app, you can even automate the invoicing and reimbursement process of your charging costs. Here's how it works.

Yes, you can automate the invoicing and reimbursement of your charging costs.

Driving leased (company) cars are a common practice in many (European) countries. This means that the company is accountable for the electricity costs made for each charging session. EVBox automates this invoicing process via its charging management app BackOffice. There are two most common scenarios:

Charging at home
You want to settle the electricity costs of your charging station at home with your employer. In this case, you'll need to register your charge card and charging station under the name of your employer. This way, all costs will be charged and invoiced directly with your employer. To get reimbursed on your charging costs at home, please set "Pay to" in front of your name in the BackOffice. EVBox will then send a monthly invoice with the electricity costs that you've consumed on your charging station at home, to your employer.

Charging in public
If you're a site owner (e.g. a company, a facility) and you'd like to make your charging station available to the public, you'll need to sign up for our charging management app. Select either the Business or Enterprise plan, and set a charging tariff for your charging stations. We ensure you that this tariff is charged for each charging session so we can send you the payment for the consumed electricity every month. This way, we take away the hassle and risks from managing your own cost administration. So you can rest assured, reap the benefits!

Please note that in The Netherlands, it's not permitted for consumers to make a profit on electricity. Only registered companies may set up their own charging tariffs for their visitors. (limitations applicable)

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