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Setting new standards for urban mobility

EVBox partners with public organizations to cater the rising need for charging infrastructure. To ensure optimal access to charging facilities and the most seamless charging experience, we need innovation, standardization and regulation. This is where our Industry Partners come in. As an EVBox Industry Partner, you'll help us kick-off pilots, and most importantly, optimize the roaming and payment methods for charging infrastructure throughout Europe and beyond.

Our expertise nurtured over the years, have made us the go-to charging point operator for more than 30 countries and over 980 cities today. We'd love for you to join us in our journey. Partner with us!

Wireless charging

The City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, performed its first tests for wireless charging of electric vehicles in 2016. As the sole supplier of Rotterdam's current public charging points, EVBox was one of the participants for this experiment. Watch the interview with our founder Bram who elaborates on the importance of wireless charging and the role of Smart Charging in this project.

Smart Charging

Along with 325 municipalities and various charging service providers, EVBox is actively involved in the Smart Charging project founded by the Dutch Living Lab. These include implementing energy-efficient technologies such as Load Balancing and Peak Shaving, as well as the Vehicle-to-Grid configurations to public charging stations. The goal is to test and perfect these technologies for an international roll-out in the near-future. Learn more.

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