Become our installation partner by installing EVBox charging stations for your customers, and help the much-needed expansion of charging infrastructure around the world.

Installing EVBox charging stations

As an EVBox Installation Partner, you'll take care of the installation of EVBox charging stations, so that your customers can operate and manage their chargers with ease and efficiency. To guide you through this process and to ensure you're equipped with the latest and most essential knowledge, we offer free technical and commercial trainings at our HQ and on-site, as well as (local) technical support to all of our installation partners.

Our expertise nurtured over the years, have made us the go-to charging point operator for more than 30 countries and over 980 cities today. We'd love for you to join us in our journey. Partner with us!

Free technical and commercial trainings

Attend a free technical training and get a hang of installing our charging stations. Upon successful completion of this training, your company will be officially certified as an EVBox Installation Partner! Feeling entrepreneurial? We offer free commercial trainings too. These trainings will help you draft the best tips and recommendations for your customers that are looking for a charging station.

New leads and projects

We'd like to actively involve our Installation Partners in the fast-growing market of clean tech and electric mobility. This means that we'll refer you to projects and customer segments you've might not been able to access before. You'll also be assigned to an EV expert within our company, who will make sure your needs and requests are met. We've got your back.

Exclusive perks

We offer express shipping to our Installation Partners, so you don't need to bother about holding stock all the time. To show our gratitude of our collaboration, seasonal promotions such as discounts, giveaways and events are of course part of the deal too.

Tools for installers