EV-Box enters Belgium and Luxembourg

EV-Box is expanding operations by offering its products and services to the Belgium and Luxembourg markets.

EV-Box enters Belgium and Luxembourg

EV-Box is expanding operations by offering its products and services to the Belgium and Luxembourg markets.

ANTWERP, Belgium, December 16, 2015 – EV-Box, global market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, is now expanding its operations to Belgium and Luxembourg.

EV-Box BeLux bvba, will be headed by a team with extensive experience in the automotive and electrical vehicle charging industries. Belgium and Luxembourg were chosen as the next markets because of their rapidly increasing adoption of EVs, and need for additional infrastructure and charging solutions.

Belgium and Luxembourg require extensive investment in EV infrastructure

“A reliable and connected charging infrastructure is crucial to support the increased adoption of electric vehicles in Belgium and Luxembourg.”, says Stefan Meers, who has joined EV-Box as Country Director for Belgium and Luxembourg. “Sales of electric vehicles in Belgium have been growing steadily in 2015, having surpassed last year’s sales by 39%, placing the EV Share at 0,74% and YTD sales over 8.300 units. These numbers showcase a strong and positive evolution of the EV market, where the need for more knowledge and experience is extremely important and EV-Box wants to be a key player in educating the market.” Stefan joins EV-Box after spending some years at ASN Group as Operations Director. Prior to ASN Group, Mr. Meers gained hands on extensive customer experience at Volvo and had several management functions, both commercial and technical, at LeasePlan & Athlon Car Lease.

Accelerating sustainable e-mobility

Founded in 2010, EV-Box has created the highest quality, most technically advanced EV charging solutions. Due to this unique, specialized focus on integrated and always-connected technologies, as well as unwavering reliability, EV-Box has continuously achieved fast growth since its inception.

With the arrival of EV-Box in Belgium and Luxembourg, many will benefit from EV-Box' smart technologies, such as load balancing, smart charging and peak shaving. These services are tried and tested and offer proof of EV-Box expertise in the EV industry, especially in the Netherlands where it has +60% market share including cities as Amsterdam & Rotterdam.

To support its strong presence in other European markets and the US, EV-Box has already opened offices in Amsterdam, Paris and Brooklyn/NYC. The production of the charging stations for the Benelux market happens near the Flemish and Dutch border, thereby contributing to Belgian employment opportunities in the automotive and manufacturing sector.

Igniting the sustainable mobility movement

Starting in January 2016, the Flemish regional government will pay private buyers of electric vehicles a one-off bonus of up to 5,000 euros, with the objective of helping the adoption of electric vehicles in the Belgian region increase to to 60,000 by 2020. Flanders also plans to install about 5,000 charging stations by the end of this decade.

EV-Box customers will be able to access EV-Box’s 33.000 charging points across 20 countries and 1000 cities, as well as charging points of other providers. “We want EV-Box BeLux to be a thriving company, customer-centric, and a great place to work, while keeping the same culture, ambition, and enthusiasm we experience in our headquarters in the Netherlands.” said Kristof Vereenooghe, EV-Box’s CEO, and similar to Mr. Meers, also has Belgian roots.

“Governments, Public Institutions, Businesses and the EV drivers themselves are working together to build a better EV ecosystem and EV-Box wants to be part of this sustainable mobility movement.” Mr. Vereenooghe added. EV-Box has established its BeLux headquarters in Antwerp.

About EV-Box

EV-Box is the global market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 33.000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks. EV-Box's charging solutions are universal and can be operated by any electric vehicle. With a progressive mindset, and its high quality hardware, software and applications, EV-Box continues to offer the safest and the most user-friendly charging experience to EV drivers across the world. EV-Box headquarters are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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