Hey EVBox

Easy, efficient, and insightful. Hey EVBox helps you track and manage electric car charging right from your smartphone or computer.

Hey EVBox

Easy, efficient, and insightful. Hey EVBox helps you track and manage electric car charging right from your smartphone or computer.

A Hey EVBox subscription is required for every EVBox charging station that you've purchased, and we're happy to assist you in making the choice.

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4 benefits of charging with Hey EVBox

4 benefits of charging with Hey EVBox
  1. Hey keeps an eye on your charging sessions
    Hey EVBox gives you insights into charging transactions and charging behavior, helping you easily manage the settlement and reimbursement of charging costs.
  2. Hey gets you on the road
    Hey EVBox tracks all active charging sessions and allows you to start and stop remote charging whenever you want, making sure everyone hits the road fully charged.
  3. Hey gives you full control over your energy use
    Hey EVBox balances the power consumption and simplifies the management of multiple charging stations, making sure they can charge efficiently at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities.
  4. Hey helps you to scale up
    Hey EVBox allows you to add an unlimited number of users and charging stations to your account, thanks to its exceptional computing power and storage. Your staff, visitors, and customers will switch onto electric—Hey EVBox prepares you for this transition.


Hub-Satellite operates multiple stations cost effectively. This configuration connects up to 20 charging points per location through a single communication device, which substantially improves and facilitates the management of all charging stations.

Load Balancing distributes the available capacity per location proportionally over all connected charging stations that use this service. By doing so, it ensures that every car is optimally charged within the limits of your charging stations’ and facility’s capacity.

Peak Shaving prevents overcapacity and peak usage so you can avoid overcapacity fees. This service allows you to set up a maximum capacity for your charging stations during the day. This way, you ensure that you won’t exceed the limits of your property’s maximum capacity, even during peak hours.

Both the Home and Business plans are yearly subscriptions that will be billed annually. Pricing depends on the amount of charging points and features that you'd like to include in your plan. If you're interested signing up, please contact your sales representative.

It is a feature on Hey EVBox which allows station owners to set tariffs for charging sessions and publish their station online.

All Hey EVBox Business subscriptions have access to the public charging feature.

Advantages of Public Charging with Hey EVBox

Through the Hey EVBox Business subscription's public charging feature, you benefit from:

  • Additional revenue, to help recover your hardware investment.
  • Increased publicity, from station(s) being shown on various public charging maps.
  • Automated invoicing, to remove the hassle of collecting money from drivers.
    Hey EVBox takes this responsibility off our customers’ shoulders.

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The Hey EVBox charging management app works with any EVBox charging station and will help you get the most out of your station. Looking for an EVBox charging station?

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