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UTU Oy x EVBox

Working together for a zero-emission Finland

Our partnership with UTU allows us to combine our industry-leading products, competence, and experience to deliver optimal charging solutions for the Finnish market.

One step closer to Finland’s goal of zero-emission

The Finnish government has set the goal of being carbon-neutral by 2035, thereby becoming the world's first fossil fuel-free society. Furthermore, after Finland reaches zero-emission, the goal is to continue transitioning Finland into a carbon negative society. By providing high-quality EV charging solutions and making these solutions more widely available, UTU will help contribute to these green initiatives together with EVBox.

The UTU Oy Group is growing its sustainable business

The UTU Oy Group offers its customers high-quality and versatile products and services for the building and infrastructure electrification and automation industry in Northern Europe. Having sustainability as a fundamental aspect of their product and way of working, UTU decided to offer EVBox’s full suite of integrated and intelligent EV charging solutions to bring Finland closer to a zero-emission future.


zero-emissions goal


growth in sales of EVs and hybrids


public charging ports in Finland

Close up of EVBox BusinessLine charging station

To provide Finnish EV drivers with the latest charging infrastructure technology, UTU has decided to take a big step forward. The company chose to include EVBox’s charging stations into its product portfolio, as well as offering advanced load management features and a charging management platform.

As Niklas Enkvist, Business Development Director for UTU, explained:

“Throughout our business, sustainability has always been important to us. With the growing interest for EVs in Finland, investing in EV charging stations is an obvious next step for UTU as we continuously work towards a more sustainable business and to be part of the “new wave” of eMobility in today's society. With the flexible and robust design of EVBox charging stations, it’s a perfect fit for the Finnish market with our demanding climate conditions, productivity driven installation culture, and life-cycle cost approach of end users.”

EVBox’s smart charging solutions are ready for the Finnish market

UTU has established a large network in the Finnish market--and thanks to its local know-how and EVBox's technical expertise, the company will be able to fulfill its mission. The partnership will include the selling of EVBox’s well-developed portfolio of AC (normal) and DC (fast) charging stations, and will allow UTU to meet charging needs of private properties and housing companies, as well as businesses and public parking spaces. With its flexible design and smart features, EVBox charging stations are a great solution for the Finnish market.

“For years, UTU has been offering entry-level products to charge electric vehicles. Now we are taking a big step forward with a new range that offers our customers EVBox’s latest technology for electric vehicle charging solutions, including high-quality charging stations, advanced load management features and a charge management platform.”

- Niklas Enkvist, Business Development Director, UTU

“We're happy to see that through UTU, Finnish EV drivers will be provided with a reliable EV charging infrastructure on all levels. EVBox’s charging solutions are the superior option for providing and managing public and private EV charging and we're pleased that UTU has chosen to represent EVBox in the Finnish market.”

- Geir Bjørnstad, Regional Director, Nordics

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