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Powering our sustainable future

Welcome to the era of mass electric mobility

In 2023, one in six new car buyers choose to buy an electric vehicle globally. This marks the beginning of a new era of mass electric mobility. In this new era, EVs are no longer only being purchased by the risk-taking, early technology adopters. This year, EVs have become an option for a wider audience for the first time. They’re ready for the masses.

Mobility has given us freedom. Opportunity. Growth. It has defined our world. But it has come at a price. To create a sustainable future, we must transition away from fossil fuels, and embracing electric mobility is key to making this happen. That’s why, over a decade ago, EVBox was founded to shape the EV revolution.

Today, that revolution is unstoppable. We’ve now entered the new era of mobility: one where electric vehicles have shifted from a niche technology to an agent of change in society. A disruptive force, no longer for the few, but for the many. It’s time to take it mainstream.

In this new era, we must lay the foundations of an electric mobility network that’s fit for mass electric vehicle adoption. That’s why we're leading the charge with our complete solutions for forward-thinking businesses and drivers… to build a world where electric mobility is the new normal.


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Our all-in-one charging solutions provide businesses and drivers everything they need to embrace electric mobility.

Our guiding principles

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Empower drivers to charge with confidence

Whether interacting with us on the motorway, at the workplace, on the street, or at home, our integrated solutions empower drivers to charge with confidence.


Fuel business growth

Our charging solutions give businesses the opportunity to enter the market without barriers and scale their offering as demand for EV charging grows.


Evolve with needs of the market

Many of the innovations that underpin the mobility transition are still evolving. Our charging solutions are designed to adapt to the future needs of EV charging.


Contribute to a sustainable future

We’re building solutions that actively enable the adoption of electric mobility and the energy transition, whilst reducing the environmental impact of our solutions and services.

Discover how we’re driving change

ChargeUp Europe

ChargeUp Europe appointed Remco Samuels, CEO of EVBox to fulfill the 2023 presidency position.

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Fastned and EVBox

Fastned and EVBox join forces to install one of the first 400 kW fast charging stations in Europe.

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500k charging ports

EVBox has reached the milestone of shipping 500,000 charging ports to customers and partners worldwide.

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