Today, every business needs to equip parking spaces with charging facilities for guests, visitors, and employees. This is the new standard—and we’ve got you covered.


What better way to show that your company operates sustainably than to encourage your employees to drive electric? With EVBox, it’s easy to install charging stations at your office and manage the electricity consumption of your employee vehicles.

Retail and hospitality

Show your customers you care. By placing charging stations on-site, you offer a place to charge up their tummies and their cars—all the while putting yourself on the map as an environmentally-friendly establishment.

Property management

Get your property portfolio ready for the next evolution of transportation! We’re here to help you install and manage multiple charging points painlessly, which helps attract and retain residents as well as highlighting your sustainability focus.

Car parks

Get your car parks ready for the future. With a growing number of electric vehicles on the road, we can help you prepare your parking facilities to handle the shift to electric mobility and utilize charging stations as an additional revenue source.

Company fleets

Introducing electric cars into your fleet? Your business depends on reliable charging stations that can be easily managed. We’re here to help you in your transition to a more sustainable and efficient fleet.

Get your business ready for the rEVolution

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