Future-proof your workplace for the eMobility transition! Our process helps you integrate and manage EV charging stations smoothly. Take advantage of up to £10,000 of funding through the Workplace Charging Scheme today.


Future-proof your workplace for the eMobility transition! Our process helps you integrate and manage EV charging stations smoothly. Take advantage of up to £10,000 of funding through the Workplace Charging Scheme today.

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A full suite of EV charging solutions for your workplace

AC Charging

Our best-selling BusinessLine (3.7–22kW) is durable, easy to manage, and comes with smart charging capabilities.

DC Charging

DC can charge up to 120km in 30 minutes. Need a fast charging solution for your workplace? We’ve got you covered.

Charging Management

Track, manage, and operate your workplace charging stations with ease using our charging management software.

Certified Installation

Our approved installer network will take care of you, from applying to OLEV grants to the actual installation.

Meet BusinessLine: proven, scalable, reliable

  • Easy-to-use with LED light indicator to show charging status
  • Load balancing manages the energy distribution between multiple charging points
  • Online reporting and tracking via charging management software
  • Stations are online for firmware upgrades and remote support
  • Up to 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty (compared to 2-year industry standard)
  • Certified for the OLEV grant so you can save £500 per socket
  • Wall and pole mounting options available

Discover your ideal combination of charging solutions

Higher power doesn’t always mean a better solution. Consider your workplace’s routine: how many hours are employees at work for? What brand and model are your company’s electric vehicles? On average, how many EVs are parked at your office each day? Depending on the capacity of the EVs being charged at your workplace, a network of AC charging stations is usually sufficient.

Put into perspective, the BusinessLine comes in a range of power (from 3.7–22kW) and can be the best solution for EVs driven by nine-to-five employees. DC starts at 50kW, which can fast-charge a battery in just 30 minutes and is more suitable for EVs that are frequently on the move.

For example, one of the best-selling EVs in the UK and Ireland is the Nissan LEAF. With a 1-Phase, 32A charging station (7.4kW of capacity), the car charges fully in 6 hours. With a 3-Phase, 16A charging station (11kW of capacity), the car charges fully in 10 hours. Although the 11kW charger seems like it would be more efficient, it isn’t as the charging capacity is actually more than what the car can handle. You can use our free tool to check the charging specifications of other EVs.

Find out what charging station is best for your workplace by requesting a quote and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.

Save up to £10,000 through the OLEV grant

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has a Workplace Charging Scheme available to support organisations that wish to provide charging infrastructure for staff and fleet vehicles.

To get more and more people behind the electric wheel, a good network of reliable charging points is key. That’s why the UK government has committed to making a £500 contribution for every charging point your company purchases, up to 20 sockets across all sites per business, charity, or public sector organisation—this adds up to a maximum of £10,000 in discounts!

To take advantage of this scheme, you must be working with installers and products that are certified by OLEV. EVBox charging stations are proudly OLEV-certified and our installer network only includes fully trained and approved installers.

Interested? Learn more about the Workplace Charging Scheme here.

How much power do you need to support a network of charging stations?

You’re interested in installing a charging station (or multiple) at your workplace—great! It’s important to know whether or not the electricity available in the grid that your workplace draws energy from has the right kind of electrical specifications.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your workplace charging station(s), it’s important to understand the strength of the current (amperage) available in your area. Our BusinessLine comes in both 16A and 32A options. We recommend that you consult your grid network operator so that you can focus on finding charging solutions that will fit your grid.

Luckily, our team will send a site surveyor your way to understand what your grid connection is like and ensure that the charging station network you’re dreaming of is something that your grid can handle. Start by getting in touch with our team today!

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How to Acquire EVBox Charging Stations

workplace EV charging installation process
  1. Get in touch with our team
    Our team of EV charging experts will help you access grant funding where available (up to £10,000 under OLEV) and advise on the best solution for your organisation.
  2. Get your site surveyed
    We’ll send a technician your way for a site survey to assess power requirements, identify ideal locations for the chargers, and more.
  3. Connect with an installation partner
    We’ll refer an approved installation partner to you, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving highly-trained and qualified installation work.
  4. Receive set up support
    Once the installation is complete, we’ll assist you to make sure all charging points are correctly registered, set up your users with charge fobs and RFID cards, and help you make the most of the charging management software platform.

Delivering charging solutions since 2010

We’re the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. With over 60,000 charging points across more than 45 countries worldwide, we help businesses and organisations provide access to charging points. In 2017, we were acquired by energy utility and global service provider ENGIE, who identified us as a disruptive, leading cleantech company making a difference in the fast-growing industry of electric mobility.

“We looked at a number of manufacturers and the reason we selected EVBox was because they gave us the flexibility to manage our own units via their own software and provide the type of quality product & service to our customers that they already expect from a Marriott hotel.”
– Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Frequently Asked Questions

You apply via a form online, after which you’ll receive a voucher if you are eligible. This voucher can be redeemed with authorised installers, which we can put you in touch with. Learn more about how the Workplace Charging Scheme works here.

We'll help set you up with a software solution that communicates data with your charging stations. From there, you’ll be able to track and invoice all sessions. Learn more about charging management here.

This depends on the available power you can draw on your grid. If power is not an issue, then up 20 connectors can be installed together in each hub/satellite network. You can have multiple hub/satellite networks depending on your needs.

This OLEV scheme only applies in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, an equivalent for Ireland is not currently in place.

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