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About Citroen

Citroen electric car models and charging specifications

Citroën is a French automotive brand that has manufactured a wide range of affordable and practical vehicles for over 100 years. Its lineup now includes many small city cars, hatchbacks, SUVs, family cars, 7-seaters, and now electric and hybrid vehicles.

Citroen e-Berlingo
7 seats Small Passenger Van

Citroen e-Berlingo

  • Battery Capacity: 52 kWh
  • Driving range: 339 km
  • Price from: € 43.178
  • Efficiency: 184 Wh/km
  • Charge power AC: 7.4 kWh
  • Charge power DC: 100 kWh
Citroen e-C4
5 seats Hatchback

Citroen e-C4

  • Battery Capacity: 54 kWh
  • Driving range: 415 km
  • Price from: € 39.905
  • Efficiency: 149 Wh/km
  • Charge power AC: 11 kWh
  • Charge power DC: 101 kWh

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