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Hassle-free charging that works for your business

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EVBox Liviqo

Intuitive for businesses and drivers alike

Let EVBox Liviqo take care of your day-to-day charging operation so you can focus on what matters most: happy employees and satisfied customers.

Easy to use and effortless to manage

Automate your billing and administration and easily manage your charging network with EVBox Everon charging management software—all while delivering a seamless charging experience to EV drivers.

  • Automated administration with EVBox Everon
  • Guiding LED lights and high-resolution screen
  • Plug & Charge hardware ready

Maximum uptime with no headaches

Keep drivers safe and your business secure. EVBox Liviqo underwent 80,000+ hours of pressure testing by accredited labs including DEKRA & NMi to ensure it's our most durable public AC charging station yet.

  • Dust, water, and impact-proof
  • Performs inside or outside between -30 and +50°C
  • Advanced cybersecurity protections with OCPP 2.0.1

Scale up with minimal investment

EVBox Liviqo lets businesses start and grow their EV charging offering without high up-front costs for grid upgrades. As demand increases, you can scale your offering whilst keeping the cost of installation low.

  • Add up to 100 stations with cluster load balancing
  • Optimise energy use with dynamic load balancing
  • Monetise your investment with public charging

EVBox Liviqo underwent 80,000+ hours of climate chamber testing to ensure it's our most durable public AC charging station yet.

Charging management made easy

EVBox Everon lets you track, manage, and optimise electric vehicle charging and earn additional revenue—all from one place.

Control who has access to your stations, set customisable charging fees, and grant users access all from one easy-to-use platform.

See a clear return on your investment and earn extra revenue by setting fees for guests or EV drivers using your charging stations.

Get real-time visibility into charging behaviour and energy consumption to help you make better business decisions.

We've automated the entire settlement and reimbursement process so settling transactions with employees and visitors is quick and hassle-free.

Six more reasons to choose EVBox Liviqo

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Dynamic load balancing

Dynamic load balancing safely adjusts the power between your stations and other appliances to prevent energy spikes and avoid costly grid upgrades.


Enhanced sustainability

We replaced the majority of plastics with Makrolon® RE, a durable and more sustainable plastic-alternative that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


Maximum coverage

With its deep signal penetration capabilities, LTE-M provides enhanced connectivity for a variety of locations, not just where coverage is good.


Built-in MID-certified meter

EVBox Liviqo's MID-certified meter allows you to accurately measure electricity usage to monetise stations and reimburse employees with ease.


App for easy installation

With features such as LED brightness adjustments and advanced installer settings, EVBox Connect makes setting up your charging stations a breeze.


Future-ready technology

EVBox Liviqo supports ISO15118, the latest EV charging protocol that enables future EV technologies such as V2G and Plug&Charge.

Flexible to suit your business model

EVBox Liviqo is available in three power outputs: 7.4 kW, 11 kW, and 22 kW. It comes with a fixed cable or a socket and can be mounted on a wall or back-to-back on a pole for space-saving convenience.

Charging power

1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
25 miles
driving range
37 miles
driving range
75 miles
driving range
  • 7.4
  • 11
  • 22

Electrical properties

Charging capacity

7.4 kW / 11kW / 22 kW

Maximum output power

1 or 3-phase, 230 – 400 V, 6 to 32 A (configurable)

Approx. charging times

Up to 75 miles (120 km) of range in one hour

Connector type

Type 2

Physical properties


9.1 kg (fixed cable) 6.5 kg (socket)


256 x 508 x 205 mm



Cable reach

6 m (fixed cable)


Flat surface

Enclosure materials

Low-carbon Polycarbonate Makrolon RE®



5” 480 x 800 LCD screen

User interface

LED ring, Buzzer, Light & Proximity sensor

Safety and certification


DEKRA Certified CE compliant OCPP 2.0.1

Operating temperature range

-30°C to +50°C

Enclosure ratings

IP55 / IK10


MID-certified meter


Communication standard

Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE-M (4G)


RFID / Fob / App

Dynamic load balancing

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit

Cluster load balancing

Logic integrated (Up to 100 Connectors)

Communication protocol

OCPP 2.0.1

Communication with vehicle

IEC 61851-1, ISO 15118 (hardware ready)


Built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

*Product currently not available in the UK. Available in the EU.

**Please note: We’re currently undergoing a rebranding process, so please be aware that the product you receive may still feature our old branding.

Compare EVBox Liviqo with EVBox BusinessLine.
EVBox Liviqo

EVBox Liviqo

The next generation of smart business charging

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Power output

7.4 kW / 11kW / 22 kW


256 x 508 x 205 mm


6.5 kg


LCD screen, LED ring, Buzzer, Light & Proximity sensor


MID-certified meter

Socket configuration

Single socket

Cluster size

100 connectors


Wall or pole mounted

EVBox BusinessLine

EVBox BusinessLine

Our best-selling charging station for commercial locations

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Power output

7.4 kW / 11kW / 22 kW


600 x 255 x 205 mm (single socket) 600 x 255 x 410 mm (double socket)


10 kg (single socket) 12 kg (double socket)


LED ring, Buzzer


MID-certified meter

Socket configuration

Single socket or dual socket

Cluster size

20 connectors


Wall or pole mounted

Pole for dual station installation

Install two EVBox Liviqo charging stations on a single pole to charge two cars while saving space.

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