EV-Box expands leadership and international reach

EV-Box announced today changes to its executive leadership team that will help the company accelerate its international expansion.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, July 3, 2015 – EV-Box, global market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, announced today the opening of a new headquarters office in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

The new headquarters relocation comes as a response to proven demand for EV-Box’s products in Europe, where electric vehicle drivers, enterprises and municipalities are increasingly investing in more sustainable solutions for their mobility services. EV-Box has the ability to provide a single user experience to customers that want to have both a solution to charge their electric vehicles as well as a way to manage them online and access extra services such as Smart Charging or Load Balancing. These gave great competitive advantage and triggered the growth and recognized success that culminated now into relocating its new headquarters to Amsterdam.

"The opening of EV-Box’s new headquarters office is a natural result of the strong growth of the EV-Box customer and partner base in Europe," said EV-Box’s CEO Kristof Vereenooghe. EV-Box’s headquarters were previously located in Almere, Netherlands and the moving project was executed in a 100% sustainable manner, with the help of Aad de Wit Verhuizingen, a Dutch-based company with over 85 years of relocation experience.

“We are proud to use our fully electric trucks and our experience in the Amsterdam area for the relocation of other sustainable companies like EV-Box” said Carel Kuijper, Director at Mondial Aad de Wit Verhuizingen.

EV-Box’s new headquarters is located at Pedro de Medinalaan 31, 1086 XP, Amsterdam in a fully sustainable building. It also offers more space, adjustable standing desks and ergonomic workstations for its fast growing team, is easily accessible and offers parking for up to sixteen electric cars.

About EV-Box

EV-Box is the global market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 28,000 charging points around the world. It provides charging stations to businesses, parking operators and individuals and is the operator behind public charging networks in several countries. EV-Box offers the safest, fastest and most user-friendly charging experience to electric vehicle owners, businesses and electricity providers by providing high quality charging solution and cloud-based software and apps. EV-Box's electrical charging solutions are universal and can be used with any electric vehicle.

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