Electrify your company

Having charging stations at the office makes your company a lifesaver to any employee or guest that drives an electric car — and an essential part of a building a more sustainable future.

The age of electric mobility

There are over two million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, and more coming every day. The more people go electric, the higher the demand for a better charging infrastructure. That’s why it’s important for business owners to offer charging facilities at the workplace.

“We believe LA should be a global focal point for advancing electric vehicle infrastructure and mobility innovation. That’s why we’re building a state of the art EV showcase at the La Kretz Innovation Campus where we can demonstrate a variety of smart charging equipment, EVs, and mobility solutions.” - Ben Stapleton, CPO at LACI

Attract quality talent

We help you become a more enticing workplace to staff that care. Draw in potentially game-changing employees with EV stations and show them that you're a forward-thinking and sustainability-minded organization.

Show off your sustainable side

We enable you to showcase your company's innovative and eco-conscious identity by providing custom branded charging facilities for your staff and guests as an indispensable service, and as a gesture of hospitality.

Gain insights into energy use

We help you manage and understand your charging stations' usage patterns through our cloud-based software. We also assist you in preventing overcapacity costs, and to maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without impacting any of your other facilities.

Placing a charging station at the office?
Sounds like you could use a BusinessLine.

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Why EVBox?

Offering workplace charging is a great move, but only if you have the right kind of charging station. Unlike charging at home, semi-public charging requires you to think about a few additional factors, like grid capacity and load management. Luckily, with a BusinessLine station, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Smart Charging features like load balancing and peak shaving ensure that no matter how many cars are charging at once, and no matter what time of day they are charging, you’ll never exceed your building’s utility cap or rack up fees for charging during peak hours. And with a 99.8% uptime and remote maintenance, our stations are built to last. That's why we are the go-to charging solution in over 980 cities in 30 countries worldwide.

Ready to go electric?

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