OCPP matters

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) gives you the power to choose your own network provider, and the freedom to switch your service at anytime — no vendor lock-in.
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OCPP: Why you should care

Remember when you first bought a cell phone and it only worked with one carrier? You were locked in to their service package no matter what. The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) makes sure that you can switch between hardware and software providers without your investment becoming obsolete. It's as simple as switching the SIM card in your phone.

You're flexible

People change their mind — it happens. That's what makes OCPP compliance so important when choosing EVSE. It gives you the freedom to use whatever hardware/software you'd like, without any risk of your investment becoming obsolete. You never have to worry about vendor lock-in.

You're in charge

With true OCPP compliance, you can freely integrate your hardware with the software of your choice — and vice versa. This flexibility creates competition that promotes innovation while driving down price. Through OCPP, EVBox has integrated with over 10 network providers across the globe to provide you with the perfect EV charging solution.

You're smart

OCPP is not a mandate, it is an industry protocol that EVBox and all our partners adhere to in order to ensure that your stations are truly scalable and future-proof. Used by over 120 companies worldwide, OCPP's network is growing every day. So protect your investment and stay ahead of the curve with an OCPP-compliant charging station.

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