Business charging

EV charging stations for business

Simplify your transition to electric mobility and achieve your sustainability and revenue goals.

EVBox Iqon

EVBox Iqon

The award-winning charging station for every commercial location

  • 3.7 kW / 4.8 kW / 6.3 kW / 7.2 kW
  • Retail & hospitality / Workplaces / Commercial parking
EVBox Troniq Modular

EVBox Troniq Modular

The powerful charging station that grows with your business

  • 90 kW up to 240 kW
  • Retail & hospitality / Commercial parking / Gas stations

Benefits of business charging



Keep your employees and customers happy by offering a seamless charging experience that’s easy to install, use, and maintain.



Enable drivers to charge regardless of the network or vehicle thanks to charging stations built on open standards that are compatible with every EV.



Drive revenue from EV chargers by setting charging fees or cross-selling other products and services while your customers charge.



EV chargers for business are designed to be weatherproof, shockproof, and can withstand 24/7 charging.



Thanks to the built-in smart charging functionalities, it’s easy to scale up the number of EV chargers at your location as your business grows.



Improve your corporate image and showcase your commitment to sustainability by adding your brand colors or logo to your stations.

Frequently asked questions

There are many ways EV charging can enhance your business.

1. Keep your employees happy

Demonstrate your commitment to your employees by offering them the convenience of charging at work. By meeting their needs, you can boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

2. Attract customers who stay longer and spend more

There's no shortage of EV drivers looking for a convenient place to charge. By offering charging on-site, you can attract customers by making your location visible on public charging maps. What's more, you can also encourage these customers to stay longer and spend more on products and services while they wait.

3. Generate consistent revenue

Earn hassle-free and consistent revenue by setting charging fees for your EV-driving customers and visitors.

4. Reach your sustainability goals

Sustainability is top-of-mind for consumers, with many going out of their way to choose the most environmentally friendly option. Enhance your reputation, capture this demographic, and achieve your sustainability targets by offering this green amenity.

4. Get ahead of your competition

Soon, every business with parking will need to install EV chargers to stay relevant and meet the needs of their customers. Gain a competitive edge and future-proof your business by offering this essential amenity today.

There are many incentives available to help your business save thousands on the cost of charging stations and the costs to prepare your location.

Want to find out more about the incentives in your region? Check out our blog post EV charging infrastructure incentives in Europe for more information.

EVBox offers the full package: hardware, software, and services so you have everything you need to get started. We work with you to find the right model for your commercial parking business. Do you want to fully integrate EV charging into your current customer journey? We offer a flexible solution that integrates into your interfaces. Is your goal only to offer EV charging in parallel with parking? We have a fully managed solution for that, too.

Speak to our certified experts today to discover the right approach for you.

Not all charging stations are the same, and it’s important to understand what key features to be aware of before making a purchase. The stations you choose will be a reflection of your brand, so it’s a good idea to pick something reliable, accessible, and intelligent.

All EVBox charging stations are designed with those criteria in mind. With a 3-year extendable warranty to wheelchair accessibility and smart charging functionalities, we offer flexible and scalable charging solutions for every business type. With 10+ years of experience developing charging solutions for businesses like yours, you're in good hands when you choose EVBox.

Here are just some of the ways your business can profit from EV charging.

1. Set charging fees for customers

The easiest way to drive consistent revenue with EV charging is by setting charging fees. As the charging station owner, you can set your own fees and adjust them at any time. This may include a fixed session start or connection fee and a variable rate for the energy used. You also have the freedom to define your own markup.

Want to learn more? Read our blog post about EV charging models for your hotel or store.

2. Cross-sell other products and services

When your customers stop to charge, there's an obvious opportunity to cross-sell other products and services. By providing your customers with a convenient charging experience, you also encourage them to browse and spend more on other items while they wait.

3. Attract high-value customers

With EV adoption growing fast, there's no shortage of EV drivers looking for a convenient place to charge. Transforming your business into an EV charging destination allows you to capture this growing market and attract new customers. Once you have EV chargers installed, your location will become visible on popular public charging maps. This boosts your brand visibility allowing drivers to find your location. Plus, did you know that EV drivers are nearly twice as wealthy as the average American? This means your EV-driving customers will likely spend more on higher-end items every time they visit.

4. Boost your reputation

Environmental concerns are increasingly top-of-mind for your customers. By having charging stations on your property, you can establish your business as an eco-conscious organization—and even earn some prestigious sustainability certifications.

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