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We asked our partners and customers from various industries to comment on their reasons behind going electric and their experience with collaborating with us. Here’s what they had to say.

Workplace Charging <br/>across Europe and North America

Workplace Charging
across Europe and North America

In this case study, we’re honoring the companies that are helping us accelerate the adoption of electric cars worldwide. Here are their stories on why they’ve taken the electric route.

Amsterdam<br>A soon-to-be zero emission city

A soon-to-be zero emission city

“The modular design of EVBox charging stations that can accommodate future innovations and new standards makes EVBox the perfect fit for the expansion of our city's charging infrastructure.” - Bart, Project Manager

Timmerhuis<br>The most sustainable multi-use building

The most sustainable multi-use building

“We opted for EVBox as they are the supplier of charging facilities at De Rotterdam, another sustainable project designed by Rem Koolhaas, as well as of the City of Rotterdam. Since EVBox is a trusted, established name, we knew we could rely on its service. - Leon, Real Estate Developer

Golfclub Anderstein<br>The greenest golf club

Golfclub Anderstein
The greenest golf club

We’ve been able to save ourselves lots of administration thanks to EVBox, since it takes care of all the credit and debit invoicing digitally. It’s a full package, with a competitive price.” Michiel Koning, Project Initiator.

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