PG&E is saving fleets thousands on EVBox

PG&E is offering fleets in their service area 50% off the cost of new EV charging stations, and thousands of dollars in additional funding for every vehicle in your fleet. Ready to see how much you’ll save?


PG&E is saving fleets thousands on EVBox

PG&E is offering fleets in their service area 50% off the cost of new EV charging stations, and thousands of dollars in additional funding for every vehicle in your fleet. Ready to see how much you’ll save?


Why Fleets are Going Electric

In order to achieve mass EV adoption, the electrification of fleets is crucial. An individual going electric purchases one EV, but when a fleet goes electric, it could add dozens or hundreds of emission free vehicles to our roads.

By quickly and exponentially increasing the amount of EVs on the road, the demand for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) also compounds. As a result, more stations become available, thereby showing prospective drivers that the infrastructure exists to support their transition to electric mobility.

Beyond the philanthropic reasons to convert to an electric fleet, there are also significant financial and logistical advantages. Fleet cars rack up two to six times the mileage of passenger cars every year, and each mile driven in a standard fleet vehicle (trucks or vans) requires two to ten times the fuel. However, EVs cost roughly half as much to operate and maintain.

What’s more, standard vehicles waste energy while idling; EVs don’t. With an EV, the stop-start driving conditions for most fleet vehicles not only stops being a fuel waster, but in turn with regenerative breaking, becomes a new way to fill up.

All things considered, it’s a perfect fit. Electric vehicles are ideal for fleet driving, and fleets converting to electric are the perfect way to boost EV adoption.

How the program works

For organizations that qualify for the EV Fleet Program, PG&E will cover the entire “make-ready” cost of getting your location ready for EV charging. That means PG&E will construct, own, and maintain all electrical infrastructure from the transformer to the customer’s meter. In select instances, PG&E also covers behind-the-meter infrastructure.

On top of that, PG&E is also offering qualifying locations considerable savings on the cost of their hardware, installation, and more.

See how the funding breaks down here:

Step-by-Step Guide to Savings

  1. Submit your information to PG&E
  2. Simply fill out this form on the PG&E website to get started.

  3. PG&E will reach out
  4. After PG&E reviews your application, they will reach to discuss your needs

  5. Conduct a site walk with PG&E
  6. PG&E will send someone to take a look at your location and determine where your stations should be installed.

  7. Sign your contract
  8. PG&E will send along your contract, containing the amount of funding you'll receive and all the program guidelines.

  9. Purchase and install your stations
  10. Select the hardware you want at your site. EVBox or a partner will send out an expert electrician to come to your location and complete the install

  11. Collect your funds and start charging!
  12. Once your stations are installed, PG&E will release your rebate funding. Happy charging!


There are many reasons why having EV charging at your location is a big advantage, and with CALeVIP, you can get your equipment for a fraction of the price. Here are just a few reasons:

Attract the right people
Whether you’re looking for new staff, guests, customers, or tenants—or to impress your existing ones—having EV chargers at your location is a great way to let them know that you are as innovative and eco-conscious as they are.
Be ahead of the curve
If you act now, you can cement your image as cutting edge, help stimulate the expansion of this much needed infrastructure, and save tons of money doing it.
Qualify for other tax incentives 
Saving money on the hardware/installation is just the beginning. In many areas, having EV charging on your property qualifies you for even more lucrative tax incentives like rebates, write-offs, credits, and more. You’ll be saving green in every sense of the word.
Improve your surroundings
With charging stations at your site, you become an active member in the fight against air pollution by encouraging EV drivers and helping to reduce toxic tailpipe emissions.

Here is why EVBox is the right EV charging solution for you:

Get the most out of your rebate
EVBox offers award-winning design that is also cost-effective. With our Level 2 and DC charging stations, you get industry-leading innovation, reliability, and design—for less.

Charge smarter
Our networked stations are equipped with Smart Charging features designed to make the most out of your available energy while keeping you from going over your grid capacity or requiring a panel upgrade.

Be future-proof
With EVBox, you get peace-of-mind knowing that your stations can operate with your preferred network software, thanks to OCPP interoperability.

Work with the best
Our industry leading uptime (99.5%) and over 120,000+ ports installed worldwide means choosing EVBox is the smart choice.

This program is specifically designed to assist with the installation of EVSE for automotive fleets in the PG&E service territory. If you are an active PG&E customer with a business that relies on fleet vehicles, you can apply. 

No. Your installation of an EV charger is only eligible for an incentive if it is purchased new. Resale material or material that is leased, rebuilt, refurbished, damaged, rented, received from insurance claims, received from a manufacturer warranty, or won as a prize does not qualify.

Yes. Your charging stations must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi (hotspots are not sufficient) or a 4G network and PG&E must be able to confirm that the chargers are transmitting data.

Absolutely. And with EVBox charging stations, configuring your charging rates is a piece of cake.

Ready to see how much you'll save?

Fleets in California can save thousands on new EVBox charging stations, but this money won't last forever. Speak with an EV charging expert and learn how you could save on EV charging today.

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