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EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit

Charge efficiently without exceeding your site's power consumption limit.

Be in charge of your power consumption

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit lets you safely balance the power usage between your charging station and other on-site appliances. This allows you to charge efficiently while protecting your grid connection.

  • Prevent expensive grid upgrades
  • Measure and control power usage in real-time
  • Optimize charging speeds

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit is an accessory sold separately that comes in 50A or 100A to best cater to your grid connection.

Gain full control of your power usage


Streamlined and simple

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit is designed to make installation a breeze with minimal components for 1-phase and 3-phase electrical installations.


Avoid expensive grid upgrades

The kit helps you to avoid costs by preventing an increase in energy consumption while allowing you to achieve your maximum charging rate.


Wired connection for reliability

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit is connected using an Ethernet cable which ensures a dependable online connection at all times.


Future-ready technology

Designed with the future in mind, the kit can be enhanced with other smart charging features as they become available.


On-the-spot installer feedback

The EVBox Install app allows a field technician to easily verify if the installation was successful and check if the current reading is functioning properly.


Seamless compatibility

The kit is exclusively sold in combination with EVBox Livo and EVBox Liviqo and has undergone extensive testing to ensure seamless compatibility.

Installer-friendly solution

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit is installer-friendly and can be effortlessly configured using the EVBox Install app.

  • Easy setup with only a few components
  • Quick on-site configuration in under 3 minutes
  • Works with any power cabinet

Frequently asked questions

Dynamic load balancing (DLB) constantly monitors changes in your home's energy use and automatically allocates available capacity to your charging station. In response to changes in electricity load, it instantly adjusts the power output for charging an EV. As a result, you'll never exceed your home's maximum power consumption.

  1. The DLB kit sits inside your power supply cabinet.
  2. The DLB kit’s current sensors monitor your home’s power consumption and an adaptor sends information about available capacity to the charging station. 
  3. Based on inputs from the DLB kit, the charging station reduces the charge rate to ensure that total power consumption stays within the preset limits.

EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit is flexible and can be installed at any location where you have charging stations, typically your home and company.

EVBox DLB kit can be installed quickly and safely by a certified installer, ensuring optimal placement and maximum performance on your site.

Electrical properties

Amperage ratings

50 A and 100A

Maximum circuit voltage

230 V ± 10% or 400 V ± 10%

Maximum output current

100 mA

Output voltage

300 mV peak

Working frequency

50/60 Hz

Physical properties


500 grams


89.2 x 17.5 x 53 mm (D x W x H)

Maximum installation altitude

3000 m above sea level

Maximum network cable length

30 m unshielded | 150 m shielded


DLB Adapter + CT coil(s)

Safety and certification

Operating temperature range

-20 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature

-40 °C to +80 °C


Ethernet Port

Ethernet port RJ45

Number of terminals

3 x 2

Product brochure

Installation manual

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