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Courtepaille x EVBox

Charging electric cars at Courtepaille

Born in the heart of Burgundy, France, Courtepaille has been the grill specialist since 1961. Now, they also offer electric car charging ports!

Becoming more sustainable thanks to EV charging

Born in the heart of Burgundy, Courtepaille is a chain of restaurants that has specialised in fireplace grilling since 1961. Each iconic roundhouse features a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The grill cook performs a live show, preparing the grilled food in front of customers. The decorations, made from natural materials, give the house a style that is both modern and traditional. But Courtepaille's values also include those of innovation and continuous renovation. Since 2006, the company has been the first restaurant chain to commit to carrying out the Bilan Carbone®, a method of greenhouse gas reporting by the ADEME (the French Environment & Energy Management Agency)

Why is Courtepaille going electric?

Courtepaille has set up a real sustainable development policy via its Ecopaille label, which includes using placemats made of recycled paper, sourcing wood for the grill from sustainably-managed forests, and converting 195 branches to 100% renewable electricity as of 2015. It is in this context that Courtepaille decided to invest in the installation of charging stations in its establishments, allowing its customers to recharge their electric vehicles (EVs) for free during lunch or dinner time.


Charging ports




Renewable energy

The role of charging infrastructure in driving mobility

The chain now owns 10 charging stations, including one at the Courtepaille headquarters, and additional stations are planned for each new restaurant opening. On top of that, Courtepaille is studying the possibility of extending the charging station facilities to their existing fleet. Charging your electric vehicle at a Courtepaille restaurant is twice as sustainable because, in addition to avoiding CO2 emissions, the energy you consume is 100% renewable. Like Courtepaille, many institutions decide to offer charging solutions to their customers, their hosts, and their employees. This trend is particularly popular in the hotel and restaurant sectors, where charging stations present an opportunity to gain visibility and to attract a new set of clientele consisting of electric vehicle drivers. As Céline Ratanavanh, Sustainable Development Project Manager at Courtepaille explained:

"We chose EVBox for their expertise. The fact that EVBox specialises in charging stations allows them to concentrate all their know-how on this product, and therefore to offer better quality. In addition, we wanted to work with one of the leaders in this market, and their network of installed charging ports, especially in Europe, serves as a guarantee of trust.”

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