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Charge labels

EVBox charge labels

Enable easy payments at your charging stations with our free charge labels.

Order charge labels for free

As a station owner, you can order free labels to stick on your charging stations. These allow drivers to charge without having to sign up for an account or a charge card.

Enable effortless public charging

On each label is a QR code that directs drivers to download the EVBox Charge app so they can start a charging session and pay via credit or charge card.

Receive your monthly payout

Your payout is calculated on a monthly basis and sent out automatically to the account details provided in EVBox charging management software

Here's how it works

Use the form below to request labels for your charging stations. You will then receive an email confirming your order.

Activate “public charging” via the EVBox charging management software to make your charging stations visible on public charging maps.

You will receive your labels via post in about three weeks.

Stick your labels on the front of your charging stations so they are visible to drivers. For stations with more than one connector, make sure to match the label with its corresponding physical charging port. Visit our help center for full instructions.

Attract EV drivers to your location and receive your payout automatically, on a monthly basis.

Please note:

For EVBox BusinessLine or PublicLine stations, you need one label for each charging port, not for each charging station. Please input each Connector ID in the form.

For EVBox Troniq and Ultroniq stations, you need one label for each charging station, not for each charging port. Please input each Station ID instead of the Connector ID in the form.

For EVBox Iqon stations, the QR code and the Connector ID will be visible on the station's screen therefore it's not necessary to order labels. EVBox Elvi is not used for public charging.

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