How long does it take to charge my car?

This really depends. How long it takes to charge your car depends on the type of charging station, your car model, your driving style, as well as traffic speed and road conditions.

There are many factors that'll have an impact on your power consumption and time to charge.

How long it takes to charge your electric car really depends on the type of charging station and your car model. Driving style, traffic speed and road conditions all have an impact on power consumption.

The impact of braking
Similar to a car powered by fuel, an electric car consumes relatively more power with fast acceleration and high speeds. When the brakes are hit slowly, the battery will recharge itself with 'braking energy'. After approximately 50% of the charging time, the battery will already be charged 80%. The battery can also be charged in the interim. The last 20% of the battery is filled via drip charging. This is a slow method of charging to secure the lasting quality of the battery.

The impact of in-car features
Music players and lights have a very limited impact on the power consumption/range. The weight of the luggage and the number of people your car is carrying however, have an impact on the range. Heating/air conditioning also has a considerable impact on the range, up to 50%. Many electric cars can be pre-heated or cooled while they are connected to the charging station.

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