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How much does an EVBox software subscription cost?

To connect to EVBox Everon charging management software, we offer subscriptions for consumers, businesses, and charge cards. 

EVBox charging management software subscriptions

To connect to EVBox Everon charging management software, we offer station subscriptions for consumers and businesses, and subscriptions for your charge card(s). Below is a brief description of each subscription and details on pricing.

Subscription plans for home charging

For private residential stations, our free residential subscription includes the essentials to get your station connected and remotely manage it, as well as two RFID charge cards and the ability to set charging schedules to utilise cheaper electricity prices in off-peak hours.

Subscription plans for business charging

Our business subscriptions builds on the base of our residential package. It also includes unlimited AC and DC charging station management as well as unlimited charge cards. Furthermore you can also access advanced insights for your business and easily export this data.

To learn about pricing for business software subscriptions, please get in touch with an EVBox expert.

Subscription plans for workplace charging

EVBox Everon workplace subscription is ideal for offices and lease vehicles. This subscription in addition also includes the option for employees to be automatically reimbursed after charging at your office location or at home. It also allows you to earn extra revenue by setting a charging tariff for visitors.

Subscription plans for commercial charging

Designed for high-traffic locations, our commercial subscription is the ultimate package that allows you to customise pricing for high-traffic locations with lower transaction fees for an unlimited number of AC and DC charging stations.

If you have any further questions about EVBox Everon charging management software subscriptions, then visit our FAQs on the help centre.

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