EVBox business charging stations

Durable, scalable, and intelligent. Our EVBox BusinessLine and EVBox Iqon charging stations are designed to make electrifying your business location easier than ever.
Plus save up to £14,000 with the OLEV grant!

EVBox business charging stations

Durable, scalable, and intelligent. Our EVBox BusinessLine and EVBox Iqon charging stations are designed to make electrifying your business location easier than ever.
Plus save up to £14,000 with the OLEV grant!

Easy-to-use business charging solutions

Our innovative charging stations provide a seamless charging experience at any business location. Plus, you get much more than just a charging station—all of our stations are part of a complete EV charging solution that includes certified installation, ongoing maintenance, intelligent charging management software, and 24/7 support.

10+ years of experience

With over 10 years of experience developing and manufacturing AC technology, you can rely on us when growing your charging network.

Approved installer network

Together with our network of service and maintenance experts, we make sure your charging stations are installed, operated, and maintained so you have the highest uptime possible.

3-year warranty

All of our products are covered by a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind about your purchase.

Why invest in EV charging for your business?

Charge fast, earn additional income, and future proof your business
  1. Address the growing demand for EV charging
    Electric car adoption is only going up from here. Enable your employees, guests, and customers to charge while working, shopping, or eating at your location.
  2. Earn additional income
    Set different fees for staff, visitors, and customers using your charging stations. Plus, you can make the location of your stations visible online to encourage public charging.
  3. Future-proof your business
    All of our charging solutions are designed to serve electric vehicles now and in the future, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected


EVBox BusinessLine and EVBox Iqon can charge up to 22 kW per connector. This can vary depending on your grid connection and the model of the electric vehicle using the station.

This depends on how much available power you're able to draw from your grid. If power is not an issue, then up to 20 connectors can be installed together in each Hub-Satellite network. You can have multiple Hub-Satellite networks depending on your needs.

We have business charging stations available for 1-phase and 3-phase grids, at 16 A or 32 A. All our stations employ load balancing between connectors to consume the available energy capacity responsibly and have adjustable maximum current settings to match what's available on your grid. Please see the datasheets for electrical specifications per product.

Our UL and CE certified business charging stations are vandal-proof, non-flammable, and discoloration proof. 

Thanks to the Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connection, stations stay online so that charging sessions can be managed from a backend or charging management platform, like Hey EVBox. For employers who are reimbursing employees that charge at home, Hey EVBox also works with BusinessLine stations to automatically reimburse charging costs.

The next generation of EVBox BusinessLine makes installation, maintenance, and station management easier. It takes reliability to another level with integrated electrical protections (RCBO and DC leakage detection) inside the same, durable design to decrease installation costs. The internal components have been intelligently redesigned to be modular, making installation and maintenance easier. Additionally, this version sees Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity built-in as a standard, so that the station stays online to allow for tracking charging sessions, receiving automatic firmware updates, earning money from guest charging, and more.

The proprietary cable management system features weighted, auto-retractable cables that are not only light for the user to use but also ensures that cables fixed to a charging station do not lie on the ground where it's susceptible to damage. In addition, the system also includes locking plug holders that prevent unauthorized usage or electrical flow.

EVBox Iqon is a ground-mounted product that requires either a base or ground anchors. From there, you can decide on which of the three recommended configurations suit your site the best: chargers installed standalone, back-to-back (if there are cars the front and back of the station), and wall-supported (installed into the ground but attached with a brace on the wall).

EVBox BusinessLine can be either wall-mounted or ground-mounted with a pole. The exact mounting methods available to you depends on your location and whether you've purchased single or double connector stations. 

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