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EVBOX | 2022

Environmental, Social, and Governance overview

Our approach to ESG

EVBox is excited to share our 2022 ESG overview highlighting our perspective on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues that matter most to our business and our stakeholders—including customers, partners, employees, cities, law makers, and investors.

This page is intended to provide a high-level overview of EVBox’s views on, approach to, and performance on high-priority ESG issues.


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Powering our sustainable future

1 million charging ports by 2025

We empower forward-thinking businesses to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions.

    Making an impact

    Our company values


    We tenaciously look to achieve a zero-emission future by making lasting contributions to the industry.


    We hold ourselves accountable for delivering reliable, intelligent, and accessible charging solutions.


    We're interconnected and collaborate in an authentic and humble manner that encourages an open culture.






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    Words from our CEO

    At EVBox, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Climate change affects all of us and transportation is only part of the equation. We are not only committed to driving forward the electric mobility revolution, but also ensuring that we make a positive impact on a systemic level. We see a clear business opportunity to accelerate this change as an organization and power a sustainable future for us all.” — Remco Samuels, CEO EVBox

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    Overview of ESG indicators

    1. Environmental indicators

    Find out more about each environmental indicator EVBox is committed to assessing, improving, and reporting on below:

    Environmental management system

    Within the EVBox, we’ve allocated a dedicated GMT member to focus on environmental issues as part of their responsibilities. At this moment this role is fulfilled by Chief Growth Officer

    EVBox is compliant with environmental regulation through the ISO 14001 Certification which can be found here.

    The Quality Health Safety Environmental Policy QHSE policy has been communicated internally to all employees via our internal communication channels. It’s also been communicated to assembly partners, suppliers, customers on a monthly/yearly basis and per request. Read our QHSE policy.

    Monitoring and measuring the energy consumption and GHG emissions is a high priority for EVBox. We are currently setting up the methods and criteria for measuring these standards across our entire footprint including our facilities in Bordeaux and Libertyville (currently under construction).

    Responsibilities for EMS are decentralized across facility managers, plant managers, and QHSE managers responsible for each individual facility: Amsterdam HQ, EVBox Bordeaux, and EVBox Libertyville.

    When it comes to corrective actions to stimulate continual improvement, EVBox has improved the following:

    EVBox ensures that the products design and packaging approach are carried out according to the international environmental norms and requirements. This to ensure the integration with the circular economy concepts. We ensure the design conformity for WEEE, RoHS, REACH and POP regulations where applicable.

    • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Incident reports are submitted via our internal Helpdesk and investigated by the QHSE team to prevent any recurrence

    We’re currently working on developing training and awareness video programs for employees on the EMS topic.

    Environmental performance records can be tracked based on the guidelines stipulated in the European Efficiency Directive. As we further build our energy consumption and GHG goals for all of our facilities, we will make these numbers publicly available. The last European Efficiency Directive EED audit was performed by Facilicom, and EVBox was a medium-consumption energy company, with a total of 17 Co2 tonnes consumed. We implemented the following aspects: LED lighting throughout the building, new electric installation compliant to the highest energy certification with an energy label of A. We’re working to implement similar actions in our other facilities.

    We’re carefully setting up objectives and targets for our Health, Safety, and Environmental standards for 2022 and we’ll report on these figures on a yearly basis.


    Key result


    Reduce the number of recordable cases

    Lost Work Day Cases (LWC)

    Work Days Lost

    LWC Frequency (LWCF)

    Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF)

    Environmental Incidents






    Toolbox meetings

    Tool Box Talks


    Comply with regulatory and statutory requirements

    Number of HSE Governmental and customer complaints

    Number of workspace inspections performed



    Ensure HSE information communication

    Number of HSE Meetings

    Amount of toolbox meetings



    Monitor the Risk Inventory results RI&E



    OneChargerOneTree initiative

    Accumulated number of trees planted
    (OneChargerOneTree initiative)

    Yearly (Monthly Monitoring)

    Emergency preparedness

    Amount of evacuation drills


    Environmentally-friendly fleet

    Percentage of EV's in fleet

    Consumption of electricity in kWh of total fleet

    Yearly (Monthly Monitoring)

    Yearly (Monthly Monitoring)

    Reduce electricity consumption

    Consumption of electricity

    Yearly (Monthly Monitoring)

    Reduce water consumption

    Consumption of water

    Yearly (Monthly Monitoring)

    As part of our internal environmental audits, EVBox has put in place Quality internal system audits (according to the 14001:2015 requirements) and performs workplace inspections regularly. All of our ISO certifications are valid for three years and EVBox goes through a yearly surveillance audit with BSI Group.

    EVBox runs a variety of environmental programs and initiatives. In 2019 we launched the OneChargerOneTree initiative and pledged to plant one tree for every new charging port delivered to reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to our customers and partners, we planted over 220,000 trees during this three-year initiative wherever in the world they were needed the most. Moreover, our HQ in Amsterdam is located in a sustainable building and we’re working with our facilities to apply the same standards across our global footprint.

    EMS Certification

    One of the ways EVBox Group demonstrates our commitment to full compliance with industry-leading best practices is through obtaining ISO certifications. We have worked with external party BSI Group to receive the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System. ISO 14001:2015 provides assurance to company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved. BSI Group performs surveillance audits every year on particular processes.

    Carbon intensity

    EVBox Group is committed to tracking and lowering our carbon footprint. EVBox Group has its HQ in Go West building in Amsterdam, one of the most sustainable buildings in the city, focused on its users and aimed at solving two major challenges: improving global sustainability, and unleashing human potential.

    2. Social indicators

    Learn more about each social indicator EVBox is committed to assessing, improving, and reporting on below:

    Diversity programs

    We celebrate differences, and we work hard to ensure that people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome and valued at EVBox. With 750+ EVBoxers from 70+ countries working in 10 offices across Europe and North America, D&I is becoming a pillar of our business.

    We are in the process of assigning board level responsibility for diversity initiatives as part of our commitment to continuously improve our D&I efforts.

    To create an inclusive and diverse workplace, we offer training and guidance regarding diversity. Right from their first onboarding session, new EVBox employees attend sessions on Diversity & Inclusion. We organize monthly workshops, talks, and quizzes on a variety of important topics such as Black Lives Matter, How to be an Ally, How to unlearn your bias, and the Pride movement.

    We’ve set up a Diversity & Inclusion role to make sure we establish D&I targets and focus areas moving forward.

    To support employees, we’ve run a pilot mentorship program and plan on setting up more equal access to mentoring opportunities. Together with our colleagues, we’ve built informal digital communities around women at the workplace, diversity and inclusion topics, book clubs, mindfulness workshops, cookbooks, and Spotify playlists.

    We support hiring a diverse workforce by implementing a standardized interview process to strive towards unbiased hiring and we aim to have a targeted recruitment strategy in place in the next year.

    Scope of social supplier standards

    The EVBox Code of Conduct encompasses the minimum standards for all suppliers we work with. Our goal is to continuously improve the entire procurement process, quality, environmental sustainability, and productivity in close collaboration with suppliers. Read the Social Supplier Code of Conduct.

    Read more about Engie’s CSR Policy.

    3. Governance indicators

    Discover more about each governance indicator EVBox is committed to assessing, improving, and reporting on below:

    Whistleblower policy

    EVBox has established a whistleblower system as a means of increasing focus on transparency and to capture behavior contradicting our fundamental values and business policies.

    The whistleblower system allows employees, management, members of the Board of Directors of EVBox, and other stakeholders of EVBox (such as supplier representatives, clients, or EVBox shareholders) who believe they have become aware of actions or omissions that could damage EVBox whether financially, reputationally, or in some other way to pass on this information to a whistleblower hotline anonymously.

    EVBox has engaged with a third party, Navex, who provides a whistleblower reporting tool. Reports sent through the whistleblower hotline are submitted to the System administrator who then takes the internal steps needed to address the cases. There is a clear no-retaliation policy in place. Read the Whistleblower policy and Ethics Charter for more information.

    Verification of ESG reporting

    We’re committed to expanding our sustainability strategy and tying in relevant ESG and CSR external certifications and audits. As we expand our scope and start to create annual sustainability reports, we will continue to do yearly ISO surveillance audits with BSI Group to keep our certifications up to date and fully compliant.

    ISO Certifications

    EVBox has successfully implemented its Integrated Management System:

    • Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015
    • Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015
    • Health and Safety Management System according to ISO 45001:2018
    • Information Security Management System according to ISO/IEC 27001.

    Read more about EVBox ISO Certifications.