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The powerful charging station that grows with your business

EVBox Troniq Modular

Fast charging for scalable networks

Serve your customers around the clock with up to 240 kW thanks to EVBox Troniq Modular’s flexible architecture that adapts to your location.

Built to maximize revenue

EVBox Troniq Modular combines field-upgradeable modular architecture and services to keep your station up and running. Each station can have up to two CCS2 cables to deliver high-power safely.

  • Support and services via Care Plans
  • Easy to transport, install, and maintain
  • Extensive network of certified service partners

Optimized for your location

EVBox Troniq Modular provides hassle-free and cost-efficient charging. Upgradeable power modules and smart charging allows you to save on costly grid upgrades and charge multiple EVs at the same time.

  • Charge up to 3 vehicles simultaneously
  • Distribute power via dynamic load balancing
  • Implement a prioritization strategy

Easy for your business

EVBox Troniq Modular integrates seamlessly with the backend of your choice to provide a complete overview of your operations. With customizable branding, you can boost your brand visibility as your customers charge.

  • Scalable architecture
  • OCPP-compliant, compatible with any EV
  • Easy-to-brand design

EVBox Troniq Modular charges up to 3 vehicles simultaneously while distributing power via dynamic load balancing.

Charging management with EVBox Everon

With EVBox Everon, businesses can enable a smooth charging process and hassle-free payment for EV drivers, attracting new customers and generating extra revenue.

Diversify your tariffs easily and be transparent to EV drivers on how much they consume

Offer multiple payment options to maximize the revenue out of your stations

Attract more customers by promoting your stations on public networks of EV charging locations

Get real-time insights into usage patterns and energy consumption to help you cut costs and make better business decisions

Six more reasons to choose EVBox Troniq Modular

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Auto-retractable cables

EVBox Troniq Modular’s easy-to-use cable management system with an up to 4.5-meter reach keeps your charging cables safe and off the ground.


Guiding LED lights

Intuitive LED lights provide clear charging status information and visibility for EV drivers searching for a place to charge at night.


15’’ multi-language touchscreen

EVBox Troniq Modular features a large color touchscreen that can be operated using any of the 20 supported languages you choose.


Optional payment terminal

Easily connect your EVBox Troniq Modular to a contactless credit card terminal for quick and accessible payments—in consultation with an EVBox expert.


Charge up to 3 vehicles simultaneously

Equipped with up to 3 connectors: CCS 2, CHAdeMO, and AC Type 2 Socket, EVBox Troniq Modular allows for simultaneous charging of up 3 vehicles.


Wheelchair accessible

Thanks to the height of the display and the charging plugs, EVBox Troniq Modular is accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users.

Scalable and modular to suit your needs

EVBox Troniq Modular comes with a double cable and an optional AC socket to charge 3 cars simultaneously. We also offer a ‘compact’ version ideal for underground parking and inner city spaces where height restrictions may be in place.

Charging power

10 min
charging time
10 min
charging time
10 min
charging time
10 min
charging time
10 min
charging time
10 min
charging time
80 km
driving range
110 km
driving range
140 km
driving range
170 km
driving range
190 km
driving range
220 km
driving range
  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
  • 180
  • 210
  • 240

EVBox Troniq Modular is available in three configurations.
EVBox Troniq Modular

Double cable

Power output

Up to 240 kW

Connector type

CCS2 and CCS2
or CCS2 and CHAdeMO

Cable reach

Up to 4.5 m


866 x 2479 x 1050 mm


680 kg (240 kW version)

Cars charged simultaneously


EVBox Troniq Modular

Double cable and socket

Power output

Up to 210 kW

Connector type

CCS2 and CCS2 and AC Type 2 Socket
or CCS2 and CHAdeMO and AC Type 2 Socket

Cable reach

Up to 4.5 m


866 x 2479 x 1050 mm


680 kg (240 kW version)

Cars charged simultaneously


Electrical properties

Connector type

DC charging: CCS2 up to 250A continuously up to 40ºC, boost up to 500A / 920 V for 9 mins at 20ºC or CHAdeMO up to 125 A / 500 V
AC charging: Type 2 socket up to 22 kW

Charging mode

1-phase (32 A) or 3-phase (16 A or 32 A), 230V - 400V Split phase (30 A), 208 - 240V (3rd gen only available)

Upgradable power modules

Easy to upgrade with 30 kW increments

Physical properties


Body: Traffic white (RAL 9016)
Other: Black grey (RAL7021), Jet Black (RAL9005)



Enclosure materials

Powder coated steel



15” (38 cm) LCD color touchscreen, sunlight readable

Display languages

20 supported languages

Safety and certification


CE compliant

Operating temperature range

-25°C to +40°C (+55°C with derating)

Enclosure ratings

IP54 / IK10


Communication standard

4G/LTE (3G/2G fallback), Ethernet


RFID and optional payment terminal

Communication protocol

OCPP 1.6J, ready for update to OCPP 2.0.1

*Please note: We’re currently undergoing a rebranding process, so please be aware that the product you receive may still feature our old branding.

Plug & Charge ready

The next firmware update will enable EVBox Troniq Modular to support ISO 15118, the latest EV charging protocol that enables future EV technologies like Plug & Charge.

OCPP 2.0.1 protocol

The next firmware update will enable EVBox Troniq Modular to support OCPP 2.0.1 enabling the latest security standards and more sophisticated station management.

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