Effortlessly track, manage, and optimize your EV charging network


Charging management made easy

EVBox Everon lets you track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging and earn additional revenue. From accessing advanced insights via our Business Portal to managing charging on-the-go via our EVBox Everon app, going electric has never been easier.

  • Convenient station management
  • Earn hassle-free income
  • Insights to grow your business

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kWh charged with our software


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Convenient station management

Manage an unlimited number of charging stations, transactions, and users from a single interface with ease and efficiency. Monitor your entire charging network conveniently via a web browser or start and stop charging sessions in the palm of your hand with the EVBox Everon app. 

  • Control stations remotely via a phone or computer
  • Optimize power usage with smart charging profiles
  • Configure Autostart to charge without a card or app

Generate hassle-free income

Automate the invoicing and reimbursement of charging costs with multiple stakeholders and generate hassle-free income by setting fees for your charging station users. You can also publish your charging stations online to ensure all EV drivers can find your stations easily on EV charging maps. 

  • Set custom charging fees to earn revenue
  • Automate invoicing and reimbursement
  • Publish stations on charging maps to attract drivers

Scale your business and achieve your goals

Monitor, optimize, and report on all aspects of your fleet and EV infrastructure from our new, easy-to-use Business Portal. Get actionable insights into charger status, charging patterns, and energy consumption to help you make better business decisions.

  • Get detailed real-time charging information
  • Filter and export transaction data (CSV)
  • Manage your entire charging network in one place

Business charging software subscriptions

Choose from our flexible software subscriptions for European business accounts.




Remote station management
View charging status and charging sessions overview
Access self-service functionalities
Self-service functionalities include station resetting and cable unlocking.
Start and stop charging via RFID charge card, app, or browser
Get remote troubleshooting and automatic firmware updates
Assign stations to sites
Account management
Add unlimited users, stations, and cards to your account
Add sub-accounts
Add sub-accounts to reflect your organizational structure and accommodate business needs.
Charging insights
Download transaction data for stations and cards (PDF/CSV)
Create charging profiles
Charging profiles allow you to set daily or weekly charging schedules to help you to avoid peak electricity usage. This feature is only available with AC charging stations: EVBox Elvi, BusinessLine, and Iqon.
Gain detailed charging insights via Business Portal
Employee reimbursement
Reimburse charging costs for employees charging at home
Public charging
Set charging fees (per kWh or per session) for public charging
Automate invoicing, payment, and collection for charging sessions

Note: Regional differences may apply.

Business charging software subscriptions

Choose from our flexible software subscriptions for European business accounts.


Compatible with EVBox Elvi, BusinessLine & Iqon

For businesses looking to offer private charging. Includes optimized charging features such as remote station management and account management.

Advanced (AC)

Compatible with EVBox Elvi, BusinessLine & Iqon

For businesses with more advanced AC charging infrastructure needs. Includes remote station management, charging insights, employee reimbursement, and public charging.

Advanced (DC)

Compatible with EVBox Troniq & Ultroniq

For businesses looking to grow their DC charging business to its full potential. Includes remote station management, charging insights, employee reimbursement, and public charging.

Note: Regional differences may apply.

Learn more about our software pricing for business charging

The price of your business software subscription depends on the charging station(s) you choose plus your charge card subscription. Please get in touch with an EVBox expert to learn about the full price of your integrated charging solution.


Discover our software pricing for home charging

To connect to EVBox Everon, we offer two subscriptions: one for your station(s) and one for your charge card(s). Download our full pricing details to compare our station and charge card subscription options.

    EVBox Everon

    Our mobile app for easy payments and charging management

    • See the availability and speed of chargers in the EVBox network
    • Get accurate price information before each charging session
    • Start charging sessions via RFID charge card at any stations in our network or credit card at EVBox managed stations
    • Manage your account, card, and stations in the palm of your hand

    Everything you need in one place


    Flexible and scalable charging stations

    Our charging stations are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed and serviced by certified professionals.

    • AC & DC stations from 3.7 kW – 350 kW 
    • Modular design and flexible architecture
    • Smart charging functionalities

    Support every step of the way

    Our extensive list of services makes it easy to operate and maintain your charging network into the future.

    • Personal support
    • Annual maintenance plans
    • 3-year warranty, extendable to 5 years

    Ready to maximize the profitability of your charging stations?

    Our charging management software helps you get the most out of your EVBox charging stations and grow your business.