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A revenue powerhouse for short-stop locations

Supporting AFIR compliance

EVBox Troniq High Power

High power, lightning speeds

Deliver an electrifying 400 kW of power while supporting dual vehicle charging with EVBox Troniq High Power, the first standalone 400 kW station tested and proven in the field.

More speed, more revenue

Ideal for high-traffic locations, EVBox Troniq High Power is designed to provide the fastest charging experience for drivers. Businesses benefit from the increasing demand for fast charging and a driver's willingness to pay more for the convenience.

  • Tested and proven in the field
  • Standalone station delivering up to 400 kW
  • Support and services via Care Plans

Intelligent power distribution

Thanks to smart charging capabilities that intelligently distribute power, EVBox Troniq High Power delivers one of the fastest charging experiences on the market while optimizing power consumption and avoiding costly grid upgrades.

  • Dynamic load balancing with 40 kW granularity
  • Dynamic reassignment of available power
  • Choose your preferred prioritization strategy

Seamless platform integration

Back-end agnostic and built on open standards, EVBox Troniq High Power integrates seamlessly with your existing charging management software. With Autocharge and multiple payment options, this charging station is perfect for on-the-go locations.

  • OCPP-compliant, compatible with most EVs
  • Autocharge for faster charging sessions
  • Contactless and PIN payment options

Deliver up to 100 km of range in just 3 minutes with one of the first 400 kW standalone charging stations in Europe.

Six more reasons to choose EVBox Troniq High Power

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Improved installation process

Thanks to its modular design, new base frame, and guiding template, installers can quickly connect and mount stations, reducing errors and delays.


PIN-enabled payment terminal

The new contactless payment terminal with a pin pad enables fast and convenient payments while supporting AFIR compliance.


Durable flush screen

The upgraded flush screen delivers improved resistance to damage and dirt buildup and a better experience in terms of touch, interaction, and responsiveness.


Optional cable management

Our improved easy-to-use cable management system with an up to 4.5-meter reach keeps your charging cables safe & off the ground and can be maneuvered in different parking settings.


Customizable branding

Showcase your unique brand and style with our complimentary wrapping and painting options. Do it yourself or let our team handle it for you.


Enhanced cable performance

Delivering 375 A continuously and up to 500 A for more than 30 min at 20°C, EVBox Troniq High Power is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of use cases.

Scalable and modular to suit your needs

EVBox Troniq High Power comes with two CCS2 connectors to charge 2 cars simultaneously. Its modular architecture maximizes uptime while its scalability enables three power outputs: 320, 360, and 400 kW.

Charging power

5 mins
charging time
5 mins
charging time
5 mins
charging time
150 km
driving range
170 km
driving range
190 km
driving range
  • 320
  • 360
  • 400

Electrical properties

Connector type

DC charging: CCS2 up to 500 A / 920 V at 20°C

Charging mode

1-phase (32 A) or 3-phase (16 A or 32 A), 230V - 400V Split phase (30 A), 208 - 240V (3rd gen only available)

Upgradable power modules

Easy to upgrade in 40 kW increments

Physical properties


Body: Traffic white (RAL 9016)
Other: Black grey (RAL7021), Jet Black (RAL9005)



Enclosure materials

Powder coated steel



15" (38 cm) Flush LCD color touchscreen, sunlight readable

Display languages

20 supported languages

Safety and certification


CE compliant
Eichrecht compliant

Operating temperature range

-30°C to +30°C (+55°C with derating)

Enclosure ratings

IP54 / IK10


Communication standard

4G/LTE (3G/2G fallback), Ethernet


RFID and optional payment terminal

Communication protocol

OCPP 1.6J, ready for update to OCPP 2.0.1

Plug & Charge ready

EVBox Troniq High Power is hardware-ready to support ISO 15118, the latest EV charging protocol that enables future EV technologies like Plug & Charge.

OCPP 2.0.1 protocol

EVBox Troniq High Power is hardware-ready to support OCPP 2.0.1 enabling the latest security standards and more sophisticated station management.

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