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Commercial DC chargers

Maximize revenue with EVBox DC fast chargers

Designed for fuel retailers, charging network operators, and other commercial parking locations, our DC chargers ensure the rapid charging of EVs. Request a free custom offer today.

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Why choose EVBox DC chargers?

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Scale up easily to meet growing demand with power output options from 90-240 and 320-400 kW.



Set charging fees and take advantage of cross-selling opportunities to maximize revenue.



Provide a seamless fast charging experience that's easy to install, use, and maintain.



Showcase your unique brand and style with complimentary wrapping and painting options.



Built-in smart charging features distribute power efficiently and help you to avoid costly grid upgrades.



Built on open standards, EVBox DC chargers work with most software backends, EVs, and payment methods.

Choose the right DC charger for your business

EVBox Troniq Modular

EVBox Troniq Modular

The powerful charging station that grows with your business

  • 90 kW up to 240 kW
  • Ideal for Retail & hospitality / Commercial parking / Fuel retail
EVBox Troniq High Power

EVBox Troniq High Power

A revenue powerhouse for short-stop locations

  • Up to 400 kW
  • Ideal for Fuel retail / Charging network operators

Charging management made easy

EVBox Everon lets you track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging and earn additional revenue—all from one place.

Facilitate power grid optimization, set customizable charging fees, and grant users access all from one easy-to-use platform.

See a clear return on your investment and earn extra revenue by setting fees for EV drivers using your charging stations.

Get real-time visibility into charging behavior and energy consumption to help you make better business decisions.

We've automated the entire payment process so settling transactions with visitors is quick and hassle-free.

Support form day one

EVBox Care Plans offer first-class support, services, and training to maximize the performance of your DC chargers.

Flexible warranty options

Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty as standard, extendable to 5-years in consultation with an EVBox expert.

13+ years of global expertize

Leverage our proven experience in delivering 500,000+ charging ports to customers and partners globally since 2010.

Ready to future-proof your business?  

Fill in your details and our experts will get in touch to create a tailored solution for your electric car fast charger needs.