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How to add EV charging to your educational facility

Join Diana Gilmore from EVBox, Hillary Rupert from PG&E, Will Robertson from RGM Kramer Inc., a consultant representing Redwood School District, and Ryan Berglas from AmpUp in an insightful webinar filled with conversation and questions.

Together, they discuss the important role of schools in developing a robust EV charging ecosystem, the benefits that EV charging can bring to your location, and what to look for when selecting the right charging solution for you. We'll walk you through the entire EV charging journey—from research and discovery to your first charging session. Hear first-hand experiences from industry experts and education professionals on their EV charging story, and learn about the available rebate opportunities that could save you thousands on your project.


  • Diana Gilmore, Strategic Partnerships, EVBox


  • Hillary Rupert, Expert Program Manager - Schools & Parks, PG&E
  • Will Robertson, Program Manager, RGM Kramer Inc.
  • Ryan Berglas, Director - Business Development & Channel Partnerships, AmpUp

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