Outlook of EV smart charging

Outlook on EV smart charging: Where do we go from here?

Catch the latest instalment of our EVBox Webinars series, presented by EVBox, to learn more about EV smart charging technology. This video broadcast, hosted by smart charging specialist Jennifer Liu, features engaging conversations with leaders from across the eMobility industry—including Smappee, The Mobility House, and EVBox. The participants share their thoughts on the market's existing energy management solutions, as well as the future of smart charging.


  • Jennifer Liu , Solution Readiness Manager, EVBo


  • Stefan Grosjean, Founder and CEO, Smappee
  • Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility, Octopus Energy
  • Laurent de Vroey, Head of Green Mobility, ENGIE Research
  • Rombout Heesterman, Senior Product ManagerEVBox

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