EV ultra-fast charging with Allego

Allego operates Europes first high-power charging location with EVBox Ultroniq ultra-fast charging stations.

32 ultra-fast charging stations sold to Allego

Europe’s 1st public high-power charging location

400 km charged in 15 minutes (350 kW)

Allego Success Story

To power up electric vehicle (EV) drivers beyond their daily commutes, fast charging stations along highways and in public spaces are on the rise. Fast charging solutions along corridors are essential for EV drivers to complete journeys beyond the range of their vehicle and will help to negate driver ‘range anxiety’. Within the last five years, the number of fast charging stations in Europe has increased tenfold. By the end of 2018, 24,468 EV fast charging stations were installed across Europe.*

It is expected, that the demand for EV charging will further increase in the future and will rise from 20 billion kWh in 2020 to about 280 billion kWh in 2030. At the same time, demand for EV fast charging stations will also grow further. In Europe, EV fast charging will rise from 6% of all charged kWh in 2020 to 32% in 2030.** This is why we’re helping Dutch-based Allego in expanding (ultra-fast) charging infrastructure in Europe.

Who is Allego?

Founded in 2013, Allego operates one of Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging networks, with over 12,000 charging stations in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the UK. Their goal is to build EV charging infrastructure across Europe that is interoperable and based on open standards, accessible for all EV drivers and car brands, at the right location and at the right speed.

Why is Allego investing in ultra-fast charging?

Allego is facilitating EV ultra-fast and fast charging as one important pillars of their portfolio of charging infrastructure solutions.

“Our ultra-fast charging solutions are ideal for service areas, fuel stations, or a roadside restaurant. After a quick stop and charge, EV drivers can be back on their way. But they are also ideal for EVs that move in a metropolitan environment and need to be charged quickly, for example shared vehicles or e-taxis.” - Tobias Wronski, Program Manager EV Corridors, Allego GmbH

This is why Allego is developing and operating a Pan-European EV ultra-fast charging network and offering their fast charging solutions. With hundreds of fast charging stations already installed in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom, Allego will expand their ultra-fast charging infrastructure to more countries soon.

How does EVBox support Allego in this project?

We manufacture and supply high-power EV charging stations (HPCs) to Allego. Thanks to this collaboration, we could further develop and improve the ultra-fast charging stations.

When Allego started their engagement in EV ultra-fast charging in 2016, EVBox Bordeaux (previously EVTronic) was one of only few providers who could offer ultra-fast charging stations. For Allego, a relationship with EVBox was a promising development path for cooperation, which is why Allego chose us as one of their suppliers for high-power chargers (HPCs) too:

“The partnership with EVBox has turned into a very good and deep collaboration over the last years. With this open and collaborative approach, we could further develop the chargers to a next level. We are looking forward to the continuation of our cooperation and the exciting challenges that (ultra) fast EV charging will bring to develop the best customer experience.” - Tobias Wronski, Program Manager EV Corridors, Allego GmbH

With Allego’s expertise and with our ultra-fast charging stations, Allego have opened its first European high-power charging location in Kleinostheim, Germany in December 2017.

Ultra-fast acceleration towards a sustainable future

The close collaboration between Allego and EVBox made it possible to significantly improve the ultra-fast charging stations and leverage them to the next level. Implementing these stations to Europe’s first high power charging location enabled Allego to provide their customers and the EV drivers a better charging experience. This has the potential of moving the electric mobility market forward and to further accelerate the race toward zero-emission.

* European Alternative Fuels Observatory
** McKinsey