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AS Solar > Amara x EVBox

Revolutionizing the EV industry in Italy

Thanks to our partnership, AS Solar > Amara will provide the Italian EV market with greater accessibility to charging solutions.

AS Solar > Amara and EVBox join forces

As part of their commitment to providing clean and affordable energy, AS Solar > Amara has become EVBox's official distributor in Italy.

Following the recent announcement of EVBox and Amara Group’s partnership in Spain and Portugal, entering the Italian market will bring this partnership to the next level.

EVBox partners with a strong alliance

At the beginning of 2021, AS Solar Italia SLR, a distributor of energy solutions, joined Amara Group, a global provider of comprehensive solutions for renewable energies. This strategic alliance combines AS Solar’s strong reputation and expertise in the Italian market with Amara’s global presence.

Combining their expertise with EVBox’s industry-leading products will accelerate the adoption of EVs in Italy. EVBox will provide AS Solar > Amara with its full range of solutions in both AC and DC, with technology ranging from 3.7 kW to 350 kW, transforming the Italian EV charging market as we know it.

The Italian distributor will focus on providing AC chargers, with an emphasis on the EVBox Elvi, for home charging.


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Paving the way for a greener future

AS Solar > Amara believes that EV charging infrastructure is a foundation of green transport. The organization’s mission is to make renewable sources within everyone’s reach as Mr. Luis De Blas Salazar, Managing Director at AS Solar > Amara, explains:

"Since 2009, we have been working hard to make renewable energies available to everyone in a more efficient world. For this reason, we strongly believe in electric mobility, with the aim of pushing sustainable development, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, and promoting the production of green energy. This is the context in which the alliance between AS Solar > Amara and the EVBox, a global leader in the production of charging stations for electric vehicles, is being forged.”

Amara’s commitment to the cause is mirrored by the Italian government’s latest electric mobility incentive: the Eco-Bonus program. In 2019, Italy launched this program to provide subsidies for electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In 2020, a total of €70 million was dedicated to the program. The Eco-Bonus program aims to cut net emissions to zero by 2050 and mandates that electric vehicles should replace ICE vehicles by 2035 at the latest.

This introduction has fuelled the growing demand for more EV charging infrastructure, making this the optimal time for AS Solar > Amara to bring EVBox products to the Italian market. This incentive is particularly useful forAS Solar > Amara’s customers who wish to buy the EVBox Elvi residential charging station—as you can receive an astonishing refund of 110% of the total costs of purchasing and installing electric vehicle charging stations.

Why EVBox

Since 2010, EVBox has helped thousands of forward-thinking businesses around the world adopt electric mobility and achieve their goals.

When asked why they chose EVBox as their provider, Mr. Luis De Blas Salazar, the Managing Director at AS Solar > Amara emphasised that it is the proven quality and scalability of EVBox products that will allow them to be more incisive in the market.

This partnership is of equal excitement to EVBox, who will benefit from AS Solar > Amara’s strong and extensive experience in an emerging market such as this one, as Francisco Abecasis, Regional Director of Italy & South East Europe at EVBox explains:

“Italy is one of the focus markets for EVBox, having set up our office in Italy since the 1st of May of this year, we want to take full advantage of the huge growth potential and incentives the Italian market has to offer; which combined with our broad portfolio of integrated solutions for electric mobility and the right partners, such as AS Solar > Amara, will allow us to better serve our customers and take full advantage of the investments foreseen to boost the Italian electric mobility landscape.”

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