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Revolutionizing fleet management in MENA

Read about CATEC's partnership with LeasePlan Emirates to install EVBox electric vehicle charging stations across the Middle East and North Africa.

A leader in energy transformation

Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2005, CATEC LLC provides enterprise solutions and services to help businesses craft holistic value for their software development efforts. Delivering over 200 projects in digital transformation, automation and robotics, waste management, fleet tracking, and more, CATEC LLC prides itself on being customer-centric and technology-driven.

In 2018, CATEC LLC founded CATEC which provides EV charging solutions and other electric mobility services in both the UAE and Jordan markets. Fast forward three years and CATEC is now the regional distributor for EVBox across the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, now operating in more than 15 countries.

Revolutionizing the fleet management industry

A recent milestone of the EVBox - CATEC partnership is CATEC’s recent installation of a series of EVBox BusinessLine charging stations at LeasePlan Emirates’ headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

LeasePlan is one of the world’s leading leasing companies, with 1.8 million vehicles in over 30 countries. LeasePlan Emirates was established in 2006, and since then has achieved a leading position in the market by connecting customers to leasing and mobility opportunities wherever they are in the United Arab Emirates.

This installation at LeasePlan Emirates’ HQ represents the initial stages of electric mobility adoption in the MENA region, as well as the advancement of the region’s fleet management and leasing industries.

A white electric car getting charged by an EVBox BusinessLine charging station

How has EVBox helped CATEC?

Thanks to this EVBox partnership, CATEC aims at becoming the leading full-service provider of the EV charging solutions in the MENA region. Their offering already includes both AC and DC EV charging stations, ranging from 3.2 kWh to 250 kWh, as well as EV charging management software, across all market segments; from commercial to residential to public. Ajay Narain, the Managing Director of LeasePlan Emirates, explained that:

“At CATEC, we are very happy to have found a partner that can provide our clients with innovative, scalable charging solutions. We believe it’s our shared responsibility to provide for a more sustainable planet. That’s why LeasePlan is committed to establishing a carbon-neutral fleet by 2030 and transforming our employee fleet to either electric or hybrid by 2022."

When asked what benefits this EVBox partnership has brought, Ahmed Samir Elbermbali, CATEC’s EV Charging Consultant explained: 

“EVBox is a respected brand worldwide and our partnership with EVBox has brought credibility to our offerings in the region. EVBox has provided the CATEC team with all the needed technical and non-technical support. EVBox has also brought its experience in other developed and developing markets from across the globe which has helped CATEC in its market entry and expansion strategies across the MENA region."

When asked why CATEC decided to venture into the EV industry, Ahmed explained, “We see a huge potential for all the different types of EV charging stations across all the MENA countries. Many governments across the region have already committed to different goals towards a clean and sustainable transportation system, in most of which, EVs will play a key role."

The Regional Director of New Markets at EVBox, Carlos Morales said:

“We are very proud to partner with CATEC, a technology-driven company that can help deliver the perfect charging experience for all EV drivers. Deep technical expertise, excellent customer service, and the ambition to become a prime player in the region are just some of the reasons why we have chosen to join forces with CATEC.”

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