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CATEC: Charging up the Middle East

Thanks to our partnership, CATEC now has a new revenue stream and is a recognized EVSE player in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and GCC markets.

Driving the transition to sustainable mobility 

Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2005, CATEC LLC provides enterprise solutions and services to help businesses craft holistic value for their software development efforts. Delivering over 200 projects in digital transformation, automation and robotics, waste management, fleet tracking, and more, CATEC LLC prides itself on being customer-centric and technology-driven. 

In 2018, CATEC LLC founded CATEC—a subsidiary providing EV charging solutions and eMobility services across the UAE and Jordan. As Ahmed Samir Elbermbali, CATEC’s EV Charging Consultant explained: 

“As a technology company, we were very interested in exploring charging infrastructure because we believe electrification will be the main driver for the transition to green energy and sustainable transport.” 

Powering growth with technical training and support 

As newcomers to eMobility and supplying hardware, CATEC reached out to EVBox for expertise and support. “EVBox is a relatively young company that is already positioned as a global leader delivering a wide range of high-quality products,” explained Ahmed. “We were confident that EVBox would be widely accepted in the Middle East market that is sensitive for high-standards and quality." 

EVBox’s Partner Program is designed to provide our partners with all the support and expertise they need to hit the ground running. Through onboarding, comprehensive training about our products and services, and access to marketing, sales, and support resources, we equipped CATEC with everything they needed to become an official reseller of EVBox solutions. As Ahmed Samir Elbermbali shared:

“EVBox’s Partner Program helped us to become experts in supplying EVSE solutions. This allowed us to go to market with confidence, build our sales funnel, increase revenue, and produce an overall increased ROI.”

Charging solutions tailored to your business model 

CATEC has implemented various EVBox charging solutions including the supply and installation of our residential, commercial, and fast chargers—plus our charging management software. 

In 2019, CATEC signed a deal to provide over 200 charging stations at JoPetrol stations all over Jordan. Not only does this prove CATEC’s place in the Jordan market, but it also highlights how partnerships like ours can improve the availability and accessibility of EV charging services across the world. 

The road ahead: what does the future hold for CATEC? 

From autonomous charging to smart charging solutions like V1G, V2G, and V2X technologies, as eMobility evolves, so too will CATEC’s portfolio. By partnering with other companies in the Middle East, CATEC hopes to build a robust EV Network for the region. 

Elbermbali’s advice for companies entering the market:

"Act fast and build the knowledge and know-how at this early stage. Keep updated on new technologies and trends, and be patient.”

Looking to expand your EV charging offering?

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