Charging electric cars at Golfclub Anderstein

Golfclub Anderstein is certified by the international Golf Environment Organization (GEO), and is offering 6 electric car charging points at its parking lot.

6 charging points

27 holes to play

1 restaurant

100+ players over weekend

The Golfclub Anderstein Success Story

Who's Golfclub Anderstein

27 holes in a lush nature reserve. Golfclub Anderstein is one of the biggest and greenest golf courses in The Netherlands. Located in the Anderstein area, the golf course is surrounded by endangered species of plants and animals. To preserve this unique land, the golfclub is actively involved in creating more space and amenities to nourish these flora and fauna.

Golfclub Anderstein is certified by the international Golf Environment Organization (GEO). In addition to flora and fauna, the club personally monitors its energy- and water consumption, its pesticides, and its waste management. All of this is carefully conducted by a group of passionate volunteers that have been actively contributing to the well-being of the golf course and its surrounding nature for years.

Why is Golfclub Anderstein going electric?

Since 2016, Golfclub Anderstein is sporting 6 electric vehicle charging points at its parking lot. “Many of our club members were asking for charging points back then. Plus the club configured it’d make a nice addition to our sustainability efforts too,” says Karin Eliëns, the club manager. The golfclub’s charging points have been a point of interests ever since. Even staff and visitors from other workplaces in the area, drop by the golf course to fill up their electric car

The role of charging infrastructure in driving mobility

Golfclub Anderstein's charging points are configured with EV-Box’ Smart Charging technology. Smart Charging defines a set of technical configurations that enable EVBox charging stations to act on user behavior and the availability of power per location.

At the golfclub, Smart Charging helps to distribute the electrical capacity proportionally over its 6 charging points. This should keep the power consumption within the club’s guidelines. In addition, it helps the golfclub to get the most out of its charging facility, with significant savings in times of peak demand and high electricity rates. For a place like Golfclub Anderstein that prioritizes the sustainable use of energy, Smart Charging has become an indispensable tool.

"We opted for EVBox because it offers personal, supporting services, even after the installation has taken place. We’ve been able to save ourselves lots of administration thanks to EVBox, since it takes care of all the credit and debit invoicing digitally. It’s a full package, at a competitive price. We hope that soon, charging fees such as rate per minute, start rate and kWh-rate, will become visible in all of the charging point locator apps.” - Michiel Koning, Project initiator Golfclub Anderstein

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