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ON Power X EVBox

EVBox and ON Power electrify Reykjavík

Thanks to our partnership, ON Power is helping develop public charging infrastructure in Iceland.

Providing reliable AC public charging across Reykjavík

ON Power is the largest clean energy provider in Iceland. Founded in 2014, it produces and sells electricity by harnessing renewable resources in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. With its early involvement in electric mobility, ON Power is a prime example of a forward-thinking company.

Since 2014, there has been exponential growth in electric vehicle adoption in Iceland and the country now has the second most EVs per capita in the world. However, while the number of chargeable vehicles reached nearly 17,000 in 2020, there were only 386 public charging points.

These statistics, paired with the ambitious goals set by Iceland's government, such as Iceland’s aspiration to be carbon-neutral before 2040, made it clear to ON Power that charging infrastructure is a valuable investment.

How ON is powering change

ON Power began to build its Icelandic network of charging stations in 2014. With time, it became obvious that more public charging infrastructure, especially in cities, was urgently needed.

To further extend its charging network, ON Power is partnering with EVBox to provide reliable AC public charging across Reykjavík. So far, 136 public EVBox BusinessLine charging ports have been installed across 28 locations in and around Reykjavík. During spring and summer 2021, a further 84 charging ports will be installed.

EVBox’s charging stations will become a prominent feature of the city and represent the forward-thinking attitude of Icelandic citizens.


EVBox BusinessLines installed around Reykjavík


charging ports installed by end of summer 2021


charging locations across Reykjavík

Close up of EVBox BusinessLine charging station

A partnership built on strong foundations

Partnering with EVBox was a natural decision. With its easy-to-use, modular design and scalable technology, EVBox BusinessLine is the ideal charging solution for cities.

Having partnered with leading cities in EV charging, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, to help build their extensive charging infrastructures, EVBox has built up a strong reputation for its high-quality charging stations and reliable service.

Moreover, the durable design of EVBox BusinessLine allows it to perform optimally in cold climates (up to -25°C) which makes it ideal for outdoor charging in Scandinavia.

In addition to the technical aspects of the partnership, both ON Power and EVBox are sustainability-driven companies which makes it easy to find common ground.

Change is already here

Supported by EVBox’s hardware and technical expertise, ON Power went from having zero to over 200 public charging ports in just a few months. It has now successfully extended its charging network to offer public EV charging solutions across Reykjavík. By diversifying its offering, ON Power has strengthened its position in the energy solutions market.

EVBox's technical expertise fits perfectly with the ambitions of ON Power. The Hub-Satellite configuration of BusinessLine stations allows the company to easily scale up its AC charging network and the load balancing function reduces infrastructure costs. Overall, the new AC network is both easily scalable for ON Power and easily accessible for EV drivers.

As Berglind Rán Ólafsdóttir, CEO of ON Power, explained:

“As the uncontested leader in EV charging infrastructure installation across Iceland, ON Power has embraced the implementation of innovative solutions across its network. With EVBox’s solutions, our EV charging offering in Reykjavík takes a huge step forward. The adoption of EVs has been particularly high among those who have the capacity to charge at their own lots. EVBox is helping us to provide charging options to those that don’t have that privilege.”

Toward a greener future

ON Power and EVBox will continue to meet public and governmental demands by actively improving the Icelandic charging infrastructure to help accelerate the transition to electric mobility and contribute to a zero-emission future.

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