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The Mobility House x EVBox

The Mobility House enhances its offering with EVBox

Discover how The Mobility House offers a one-stop-shop electric mobility charging solution with EVBox.

Intelligent charging and energy solutions

The Mobility House is an innovative German tech company that specializes in ​​intelligent charging and energy solutions for customers switching to electric mobility. The company was founded in 2009 and employs over 250 people today, operates from its offices in Munich, Zurich, and Belmont (CA) where it has sold over 110,000 charging solutions to date and established itself as a leading expert in energy management.

Next to private and business customers, The Mobility House works with charging infrastructure manufacturers, installation companies, back-end system operators, energy suppliers, and renowned car manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, Volkswagen, and Renault.

The need for a complete solution

The Mobility House created its tech to unite the automotive and energy industries. As a neutral supplier to thousands of private and business customers globally, it quickly found that most are looking for a one-stop-shop solution when making the shift towards electric mobility.

The Mobility House’s intelligent Charging and Energy Management system, ChargePilot, enables a cost- and energy-efficient operation of charging infrastructure by controlling charging processes intelligently. This innovative (and sustainable) system promotes the development of renewable energies, stabilizes the power grid, and makes electric mobility more affordable.

Next to customers’ energy management needs, the demand for charging- and asset management is prevalent, and generally speaking, customers prefer suppliers that can take care of the complete package.

Connecting with the right partner

To provide customers with such a comprehensive solution, The Mobility House needs to collaborate with partners that could add specific expertise and can adapt to a wide variety of customer needs.

The Mobility House decided to work with EVBox, a global supplier of flexible and scalable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions that installed over 300,000 charging ports globally to date. Next to this, EVBox operates R&D facilities across Europe and North America, where it develops groundbreaking hardware and software for consumers and all sorts of businesses.

As Matthias Suttner, Head of Key Account Management Wholesale at The Mobility House explained: 

“Together with EVBox, we can offer our customers the one-stop-shop solution they are looking for when transitioning to electric mobility.”

Smart charging stations

EVBox offers a wide variety of charging stations for different types of customers. Whether it’s a business that's looking to attract more customers, a workplace that wants to offer charging facilities to its employees, EV drivers looking to charge at home, or dealerships that sell and showcase new electric vehicles. EVBox’s charging stations are durable, energy-efficient, equipped with a range of smart functionalities, fully OCCP-certified, and connected.

Insightful asset management

Due to the connection of ChargePilot, the Charging and Energy Management system by The Mobility House, and EVBox’s charging management software, customers can onboard drivers and manage charging stations in an easy-to-use and fully customizable digital environment. While ChargePilot controls the charging processes intelligently and thus prevents expensive peak loads, EVBox’s charging management platform provides unique insights into the charging behavior of drivers, offers full control over card or fee management, and optimizes energy efficiency.

As Peter Valent, Manager Solution Sales Team Europe at EVBox shared: 

“We’re extremely proud of our partnership. Our combined expertise makes it possible to offer a complete electric mobility solution in the DACH market.”

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