Charging electric cars at Timmerhuis

Timmerhuis is a sustainable, architectural giant that connects the old with the new in the City of Rotterdam. Its ambition to help build sustainable mobility projects made Timmerhuis to install 20 EVBox charging points at its indoor parking lot.

20 dual charging points

1 large indoor parking lot

2.000 charging points part of the Rotterdam region

Smart charging as key feature

The Timmerhuis Success Story

Who's Timmerhuis

Designed by the renowned Rem Koolhaas, Timmerhuis is an architectural giant that connects the old with the new in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Timmerhuis' beating heart for sustainability hasn't gone unnoticed. In fact, it's the first multi-use building in The Netherlands to receive the prestigious BREAAM Excellent certification.

Timmerhuis is a "meeting point". Through an indoor passage, residents and visitors can move around freely from the city’s one area to the other. Most of all, it serves as a workplace and apartment complex, as well as a social space to shop, eat and drink.

Why is Timmerhuis going electric?

Sustainability is undeniably key to Timmerhuis. Triple glass isolation, temperature regulators and storage, and energy efficient elevators are just a few features within its impressive portfolio. In addition, Timmerhuis regulates built-in installations based on a seasonal basis. This ensures an optimal and economical consumption of energy.

"Timmerhuis is actively helping the city improve its air quality. We understand very well that electric transport is crucial to this process." - Niels Kurver - Real Estate Developer, Timmerhuis / City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam profiles itself as a testing playground for innovations and pilots. For the past few years, the Municipality started stimulating the adoption of electric vehicles. After all, electric cars are clean and cost-effective. To propel drivers onto the electric route, Rotterdam is now placing a network of 2,000 charging points. This number is set to increase in the near future.

The role of charging infrastructure in driving mobility

It’s Timmerhuis’ ambition to help the city in this and many other sustainability projects. This is why its real estate developers have placed 20 EVBox charging points in its spacious indoor parking lot.

Timmerhuis’ charging stations are configured with EVBox’s Smart Charging technology. Smart Charging defines a set of technical configurations that enable EVBox charging stations to act on user behavior and the availability of power per location. At Timmerhuis, Smart Charging helps to distribute the electrical capacity proportionally over its 20 charging points.

This should keep the power consumption within the building’s guidelines. In addition, it helps Timmerhuis to get the most out of its charging facilities, with significant savings in times of peak demand and high electricity rates. For a place like Timmerhuis that prioritizes energy efficiency, Smart Charging has become an indispensable tool.

"We opted for EVBox as they are the supplier of charging facilities at "De Rotterdam". Just like Timmerhuis, De Rotterdam is a new, sustainable project designed by Rem Koolhaas. Since EVBox is a trusted, established name, we knew we could rely on its service.” - Niels Kurver - Real Estate Developer, Timmerhuis / City of Rotterdam

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