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UTU Oy x EVBox

Powering Finland’s electric mobility transition

Read how UTU Oy's electrical expertise and EVBox's charging solutions powers the electrical mobility transition in Finland.

Thriving in the cold

UTU Oy is a leading and family-owned electrical industry operator in Finland that has been around for over a century. Founded in 1919, UTU Oy employs 190 people today and is renowned in the Finnish electricity sector for its high-quality electrical components, electrical distribution boards, and building automation systems.

UTU Oy is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment by promoting sustainable development and conscious consumption. With this in mind, the company decided to enter the electric vehicle (EV) charging systems market in 2021 and offer EV charging solutions to help reduce harmful CO2 emissions caused by vehicles.

Electrical mobility transition in Finland and demanding climates

While the adoption of electric mobility is happening on a global scale, Finland’s demanding climate creates additional challenges. Winter is the longest season in Finland and typically lasts anywhere between 100 days (in southwestern Finland) up to 4 months (in Lapland). The average temperature is around -7 degrees celsius but -50 degrees celsius in Lapland isn’t uncommon, just like ploughing through 20 to 90 centimetres of snowfall.

In regards to EV charging infrastructure, drivers must be able to rely on the EV charging stations to work, and charging station owners need to offer flexible, reliable, and adaptable charging solutions that can perform optimally for both in- and outdoor conditions.


EVBox connectors sold


total market share



Diverse customer base and unique needs

UTU's customer base is diverse: from wholesalers, electricity distribution companies, and electrical contractors, to organizations that are electrifying their workplace locations and even building contractors or property owners looking to facilitate residential apartment buildings with EV charging stations.Safe to say, each client has its own needs.

UTU has been offering entry-level products to charge electric vehicles since 2010. But with all the fast-paced developments and rapidly growing demand, it was time to take a step forward. UTU wanted to work with an experienced partner who could offer solid and reliable charging solutions, specifically suitable for the Finnish market and adaptable to the needs and locations of their customers.

EVBox and UTU

UTU decided to work with EVBox, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions worldwide, that has shipped over 500,000 charging ports in more than 70 countries. As a provider of both hardware and software, EVBox offers a comprehensive solution for UTU.

With its flexible design and smart features, EVBox charging stations are a great solution for the Finnish market, known for their demanding climate conditions, productivity-driven installation culture, and life-cycle cost approach of end users. As Niklas Enkvist, Business Development Director for UTU explained:

“Throughout our business, sustainability has always been important to us. With the growing interest in EVs in Finland, investing in EV charging stations was an obvious next step for UTU. EVBox’s excellent products have shown to be a great match for the needs of our customers.”

Reliable charging equipment

EVBox's portfolio consists of reliable AC and DC charging station equipment that is easy to use and future-proof with a variety of connectivity and smart charging features. The stations are designed to withstand the elements, are made with sustainable material, and deliver consistent performance even during the harsh Finnish winter months.

Dependable charging management software

EVBox Everon is a charging management software system that can help station owners manage their equipment, set charging fees, arrange user access, optimize electricity usage, and gain access to real-time insights. EVBox Everon and UTU’s technical expertise allows them to continue to offer excellent service to their clients.

Customizable solutions to match the needs of each client

Having a versatile and adaptable product portfolio that is customizable to fit the various needs of each client or location is a must. For example, many existing sites and buildings were created long before installing EV chargers became prevalent, and being able to offer a tailor-fit solution is what sets UTU apart. In addition, having a weatherproof station is not always enough. The cabling and electric circuits have to be weather-and location proof too. UTU has been able to do it all.

Whether needing a custom-sized pole to fit in the most complex of spaces; footers that offer extra protection against the cold weather and prevent the cables from freezing; or having extra sturdy poles that protect against the impact of, for example, snow plow trucks on their daily routes. As Geir Bjørnstad, Regional Director, Nordics explained:

“We're happy to see that UTU provides Finnish EV drivers with a reliable EV charging infrastructure on all levels. We're pleased that UTU has chosen to represent EVBox in the Finnish market, and to have reached such excellent results so quickly.”


1000+ EVBox connectors sold

Since having started working with EVBox in Q2 2021, UTU has already sold over a thousand EVBox connectors to various workplace locations, residential apartment complexes, and commercial parking locations across Finland.

5% total market share

In a relatively short period of a year and a half, UTU has conquered an impressive market share of 5% in all of Finland with just EVBox charging stations.

66 NPS

The Net promoter score (NPS), measures customers' willingness to recommend the company and the overall satisfaction at a scale of between -100 and +100. Based on the global NPS standards, any score above 0 would be considered “good”, 50 and above being “excellent” while 80 and above is considered “world class”. UTU proudly scores an excellent NPS of 66 among electrical wholesalers that buy EVBox charging stations from UTU, and the company has an outstanding overall NPS of 49.

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