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Yespark x EVBox

EVBox charging stations for Yespark

Longtime partners EVBox and Yespark have installed more than 600 AC charging stations in several urban parking spaces.

EVBox, one of the leading suppliers of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, and Yespark, France's leading provider of long-term parking rental solutions, have deployed a total of around 900 charging points available in urban parking spaces in cities such as Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Paris. The EVBox (AC) charging points are accessible at parking spaces rented by Yespark.

Since 2021, parking space owners in urban areas have been able to rent out their space with access to an EV charging station, thanks to Yespark’s ReCharge service. Parking space owners have the option of installing one of two EV charging stations: EVBox Elvi or EVBox BusinessLine, with a maximum power output of 3.7 kW or 7.4 kW respectively. Both charging stations come with EVBox Everon, a charging management software enabling easy remote tracking and control. Julien Cabrol, a Yespark subscriber, explains:

"I'm delighted with this parking experience for my compact car that includes EV charging. My parking space is waiting for me every evening, and I have access to my charging station for overnight charging. It's a solution that's both comfortable and economical."

This partnership with EVBox is in line with the French government's ambition to accelerate innovation in key sectors of the economy and position France as a pioneer in electric mobility and sustainable cities. As a key player in the urban mobility landscape, parking spaces are an integral part of the debate on the development of new forms of mobility.


charging points available


AC charging stations


EVBox BusinessLine charging points

Yespark, a pioneer in parking rental for electric vehicles with EVBox charging stations 

Forecasts by Avere-France suggest that between 2 and 6 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles could be on the road between 2025 and 2030. To support this growth, between 175,000 and 215,000 charging points will be needed by 2025, and between 330,000 and 480,000 by 2030. 

To meet this growing demand for EV charging infrastructure, Yespark is the first service to offer a complete solution for renting a private parking space with an integrated charging station. This solution allows drivers to park close to home 24 hours a day while easily charging their electric vehicle day-to-day. 

Overall, in the space of two years, almost 600 EVBox charging stations have been installed, including 350 EVBox BusinessLine charging points. 

Here's Blaise Martina, manager of the Yespark ReCharge service, discussing the EVBox partnership: 

“Thanks to EVBox, we're able to offer our users a reliable, high-performance electric car charging solution. EVBox BusinessLine charging stations are robust, elegant, and easy to use. They feature an illuminated ring that provides clear information to users during a charging session but also enables them to be informed in the event of a problem. Each charging point is designed to last and withstand wear and tear. Another major advantage is that EVBox supplies charging points that meet European standards straight from the factory, including from an operational and billing perspective. So, there's no need to add additional components during installation, which helps reduce costs.” 

EVBox Elvi and BusinessLine charging stations offer EV drivers a smooth and simple charging experience

The EVBox Elvi and EVBox BusinessLine charging points were chosen because AC charging (from 3.7 kW to 7.4 kW) is perfectly suited to the needs of long-stay parking users. 

The EVBox BusinessLine charging stations have been installed in clusters, a technology that enables them to be connected and communicate with each other. This smart charging feature makes it possible to intelligently control the charging stations' energy consumption. During installation, a consumption ceiling was set for each cluster so electric vehicles could be charged efficiently without impacting performance at the rest of the site. 

Blaise Martina, manager of the Yespark ReCharge service, explains how this works: 

“At Yespark, we greatly value the possibility of connecting EVBox charging points together to share the load via dynamic load balancing. With this smart charging feature, we can increase the density of our charging points without affecting the maximum power available from the site's electrical installation. What's more, this system of interconnected charging points is internet-enabled and connects to EVBox’s charging software, making it easy to add charging stations to an existing system. This is an additional benefit that has enabled us to limit the cost of installing an EV charging station.”

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