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YourParkingSpace x EVBox

Powering hospitality and retail owners in the UK

Thanks to our partnership, YourParkingSpace is revolutionizing the parking industry by empowering hospitality and retail owners to adopt park and charge solutions.

Transforming the UK parking industry with sustainable mobility

YourParkingSpace will revolutionize the parking industry by helping hospitality and retail owners provide EV motorist with a wide range of pre-bookable park and charge spaces across the UK. Since the commencement of the partnership with EVBox in 2020, YourParkingSpace successfully trialled 5 charging ports at the Holiday Inn Express in Bicester. Now they plan to install another 200 EVBox business charging ports across the UK at Atlas Hotel sites.

The EV industry in the UK is growing rapidly which will create demand for charging accessibility – especially in the retail and hospitality sector. YourParkingSpace recognizes this trend. Therefore, the partnership with EVBox will transform their business model to include park and charge, ultimately, to become the destination for EV motorists and industry leader in the UK.

This is what Harrison Woods, YourParkingSpace’s CEO and Co-Founder, has to say:

“Our Search, Book, Park model is fit for purpose at present, but we will need to transition to a Search, Book, Park & Charge model in the future. Becoming the destination for finding, booking and paying for charging will assist our core business of parking and help to cement the position of the business over the longer-term.”


business charging ports to be installed at Atlas Hotel sites


trial charging ports already installed


partners since

Empowering retail and hospitality clients

YourParkingSpace is one of the UK’s and Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Often referred to as the Airbnb of parking, YourParkingSpace started in the peer-to-peer marketplace, where they match driveway owners with motorists in need of somewhere to park.

Over the years they’ve added commercial parking spaces from operators and clients across the retail, hospitality and property industries. YourParkingSpace now offers a range of B2B parking solutions that will transform parking spaces into connected mobility hubs.

Not only does YourParkingSpace recognize the EV mobility trend, but their clients as well as told by Harrison:

“We have clients who recognise the opportunity of the transition to electric vehicles and want to be able to offer electric charging to their customers. Teaming up with EVBox enables us to be able to empower our clients to attract and serve EV motorists.

A dynamic partnership with scalable charging solutions

YourParkingSpace was looking for a partner with several key attributes to help transform their forward-thinking business model:

  • First-class, seamless, integrated, and scalable business charging solutions
  • International recognizability
  • A collaborative partnership that is open to ideas

EVBox’s strength as a global provider of flexible, scalable, and accessible electric vehicle charging solutions fits into YourParkingSpace’s ambitious goals.

According to Harrison:

“EVBox ticked all the boxes: a dynamic partner with first-class technology and the scale to deliver on even the most ambitious plans. A partnership with a charge port solution provider was the crucial foundation for our transition to a serious player within the UK EV market.”

The partnership features EVBox BusinessLine chargers provided to YourParkingSpace clients. Another is the integration of EVBox’s charging hardware with the YourParkingSpace app that enables motorists to pre-book a park and charge space.

Since the announcement of the partnership, YourParkingSpace accelerated conversations with clients to transition towards an electric mobility future. The announcement proved that EVBox and YourParkingSpace’s rollout of electric vehicle charging solutions can be delivered on their clients' expectations.

What’s next for YourParkingSpace?

YourParkingSpace is at the start of its journey to creating an electric mobility future for the UK. EVBox will help them achieve the goal of becoming the destination to find, book, park, and pay for charging while adding 200 charge ports in the UK by electrifying parking assets of their client base over the next few years.

Here’s one piece of advice from Harrison for businesses looking to enter the EV industry:

"Our number one piece of advice would be to collaborate. The parking industry is traditionally a closed and protective industry that’s afraid of change. They shy away from collaborating with other businesses, leaving the path clear for emerging companies to partner, add value to their propositions, and accelerate each other’s growth. However, certain major operators are changing their outlook. We’re seeing those operators who are open to working with a new concept (such as pre-booking charge and park spaces) are increasingly winning clients and expanding their market share.”

Looking to expand your EV charging offering?

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