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2023 Year in Review

A lot happened in 2023 at EVBox. Here’s an overview of what we have achieved over the past year and a look at where we’re going.


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Welcome to the era of mass EV adoption

EVBox CEO, Remco Samuels reflects on 2023

"This year has been a turning point for EVBox. After a period of rapid growth and the turbulence that followed, we started this year at a point of critical inflection. With a new EMT and legacy challenges, we embarked on a journey to transform EVBox into a viable and self-sustaining organization.

This hasn’t been easy and we’re not at the end of the road yet. As we enter the next stage of our growth journey, we must now prepare ourselves for scale and solidify our position as a market leader. This will require focus, determination, and reliability.

However, I believe that we’re at a much better place than we were a year ago. We’ve ensured the quality standards of our products, strengthened our brand, put our customers at the center of our strategy, and expanded our reach in the markets we believe matter most.

Combined, these factors lead me to believe that EVBox will have a bright future in 2024 and beyond."

2023 milestones

EVBox rebrand

At the beginning of this year, we launched our new brand internally. With the characteristics — be bold, think sophisticated, but keep it simple — at the heart of the refreshed visual and verbal identity, EVBox was set on a new trajectory after a turbulent 2022.

In the months since, we began rolling out new EVBox identity — a feat that took massive coordination with 10 individual workstreams spanning across multiple locations and thousands upon thousands of assets being recreated.

By the external launch, much of the work had been done and at midday on Tuesday, April 25th, we flicked the switch. Out went the old logo and the new era of EVBox was ushered in with a bolt of electric green. So far, the results of this have been noticeable in every corner of the organization: A consistent brand creates alignment amongst teams, breaks down silos, and helps us build the future we envision.

New Executive Management Team members

Arne Richters

Arne Richters

SVP Strategic Enablement

Markus Dehn

Markus Dehn

Chief Technology Officer

Alexander Fedorczuk

Alexander Fedorczuk

SVP Operations

ChargeUp Europe

In 2023, Remco Samuels took on the role as President of ChargeUp Europe, the industry association for charging infrastructure. One of his goals as president was to advance the alignment of regulations for charging infrastructure across the continent. Ultimately, the vision of ChargeUp Europe and that of the EU aligned, and one of the most significant pieces of policy was adopted. 

The rules laid out in the Fit for 55 legislation encourage the most significant changes in the fight to make EV charging on long journeys as easy as filling up a gasoline car. All round, Remco together with all the members of ChargeUp Europe were excited to celebrate this fantastic achievement.

Towards a sustainable EVBox

As an organization with “powering our sustainable future” at the heart, it’s easy to overlook our own impact. But just like every other company out there, we have a role to play in reducing our own environmental impact. That’s why this year, we took significant steps, as well as made new commitments, towards building a sustainable organization.

EcoVadis Gold 

EVBox has been awarded a gold medal rating in recognition of its sustainability efforts by EcoVadis as part of its 2023 assessment. The result is based on the evaluation of policies, actions, and results of activities from the previous year in the areas of environment, labor, human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. EVBox scored a total of 73 points and is in the top one percent of companies rated by EcoVadis in the category of Manufacturer of Other Electrical Equipment and top five percent of all companies rated by EcoVadis.


In April, CEOs of 10 leading Dutch companies, including EVBox, committed to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 with the support of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). EVBox committed to setting near-term Science Based Targets to align with SBTi's Corporate Net Zero Standard. By doing so, we aim to align with the ambitious goals set in the Paris Agreement.

Regional updates

US expansion 

At the beginning of 2023, EVBox doubled down on its plans to bring EVBox Troniq Modular to the US. By expanding our production capabilities at the factory in Libertyville, IL, EVBox was proud to be a part of the US Government’s goal of having 50 percent of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030.


EVBox is expanding its facilities with a new training center in Essen, Germany. The facility will serve as a training center for partners and employees to test our AC and DC charging stations.



Fastned is a key partner in EVBox’s Early Adopter Program for EVBox Troniq High Power. The program lets select partners test and help us improve experience, maintenance, uptime, and monitoring before the product goes to market. As part of this initiative, this year Fastned and EVBox signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a non-exclusive partnership to improve EVBox Troniq High Power.

Ragde Charge with Caverion

Once again, EVBox has partnered with infrastructure installer, Caverion, to implement EVBox charging stations at Ragde Eiendom properties in Oslo, Norway. The collaboration, which saw 41 EVBox Troniq Modular charging stations installed, aims to make fast charging infrastructure more accessible in the world’s most advanced EV markets. The partnership showcases the future demand for charging infrastructure across Europe.


As part of a long-standing collaboration, German energy technology and management specialist Schmees, an expert in the EV industry for over 15 years, recently installed another five EVBox Troniq Modular charging stations. These latest additions have been set up at three different BMW dealerships and in locations along the coast of the North Sea. In total, Schmees has installed over 30 Eichrecht-certified EVBox DC charging stations to date. Together, we strive to further accelerate electric mobility by expanding the EV charging network across key public locations in Germany.


This year, EVBox and Bump, an expert in charging infrastructure and IoT (Internet of Things), expanded their partnership to provide reliable charging solutions for businesses and retailers in France. As part of the company’s goal of deploying 25,000 charging stations in the country by 2030, BUMP will install over 100 EVBox charging stations at their retail and business locations. They’ll mainly consist of EVBox’s DC fast charging stations, EVBox Troniq Modular and EVBox Troniq High Power. The project signifies a joint dedication to deliver a best-in-class, reliable EV charging experience and aligns with both companies’ missions of encouraging the mass adoption of electric mobility for a cleaner, more sustainable future.


This year was also the year that we completed the rollout of our next generation of charging stations. Following EVBox Livo’s launch in October last year, both EVBox Liviqo and EVBox Troniq High Power were introduced to the world in 2023.

Our next generation platform was designed with the EVBox product DNA — reliable, intelligent, and accessible — at their core. This new product family was built to empower the newcomers to electric mobility. It might be a bit early to say, we believe this new generation of products is what will solidify EVBox’s position as an industry a leader in the Electric Era.

EVBox Troniq High Power

In 2023, we welcomed the newest addition to the Troniq product family, EVBox Troniq High Power. Launched via an Early Adaptor Program with industry heavyweights such as Fastned, EVBox Troniq High Power is the first 400 kW standalone station tested and proven in the field. Able to add up to 100 km of range in just three minutes, the market response from the launch has been overwhelmingly positive. With the first orders fulfilled in September, our factory in Bordeaux is hustling to double its capacity and fulfil customer demand with shorter lead times. Here are some key milestones:

  • Tested in the field for more than 5 months before launch.
  • Included in the German subsidy scheme.
  • First final units shipped and installed in Luxemburg late September 2023.

EVBox Liviqo

In March 2023, we also launched our next generation of hassle-free AC charging for businesses – EVBox Liviqo. EVBox Liviqo brings to life our promise that EV charging should be intuitive, reliable, and convenient. Liviqo has a host of smart charging features that makes charging a hassle-free experience for both drivers and businesses. Here are some key milestones:

  • Installed in six European countries thus far
  • Uptime of 99.1%

EVBox Livo

As the first residential smart charging station from the next generation product lineup, released in 2022, EVBox Livo has had a great year in 2023. 

Beyond the positive feedback we’ve gotten from our customers and partners, we’re delighted to say that Livo has won multiple awards this year. EVBox Livo ranked first place in the P3 Wallbox Benchmark 2023, which compared and analyzed 10 competing charging stations. Plus, EVBox Livo was awarded the 2023 Red Dot Design Award recognizing its sleek and environmentally friendly design.

EVBox Everon

In 2023, our focus with EVBox Everon was to simplify the platform and improve user experience for both drivers and businesses. Here's an overview of some of the biggest feature updates for Everon:

  • Payments. The biggest update for 2023 was the integration of payment terminals on our DC charging stations with EVBox Everon.
  • Roaming. We also added a new roaming offering so platform customers can open up their network.
  • UI updates. We took the rollout of EVBox's new brand as an opportunity to improve Everon's user experience.
  • Insights. With more station monitoring insights, station owners can improve uptime and better troubleshoot issues.

Plus, we expanded our offering to both Greece and Germany. As some of the most significant markets in Europe, this is a great achievement. 

What's next? We're developing a platform offering that will enable EVBox partners to integrate data from EV charging stations into their own ecosystems via an API. With these developments, we can continue to ensure a great experience for CPOs, station owners, and EV drivers



employees across the globe




offices, manufacturing and lab facilities


Employee Resource Groups

People behind our products

Meet the People Behind Our Products, a video campaign that acknowledges and celebrate the EVBox team members responsible for bringing our products to the market. This campaign seeks to infuse authenticity and humanity into our brand. By sharing the real stories of our team members and their contributions, we aim to ensure that our products resonate with our customers on a personal level.

Women in Tech

We’re proud to work with many inspiring women who are shaping the future of our industry. To showcase these talented EVBoxers, we created Women in Tech: a series of interviews featuring five of our female colleagues. From software developers to product managers, these women are leaders and change-makers who inspire us daily. We hope their stories will inspire other women to pursue their passion and break barriers in their fields.

Watch the trailer here.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Gender Equality commitment

In 2023, EVBox solidified it’s commitment to boost personal and professional development for women in the transport sector. To not only create equal opportunities for women in a traditionally male oriented industry, but actively build a sense of belonging, we embarked on the following activities:

  • Signed the European Union’s Declaration on equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector.
  • Became a full member of the European Commission’s Women in Transport platform to strengthen women’s employment opportunities in the transport sector.
  • Created a mentoring program, the Women’s ERG, which directly allows us to contribute to the goals of the Women in Transport Platform.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in empowering our workforce by fostering an inclusive culture. They actively promote diversity, support professional growth, facilitate community engagement, and drive advocacy efforts. In 2023, we formally unveiled five ERGs:

Women’s ERG: Dedicated to empower female employees, fostering an inclusive culture, and promoting gender diversity within the company.

LGBTQ+ ERG: Facilitates a safe space for networking and building community among LGBTQIA+ employees, as well as providing educational initiatives and advocacy.

Parenting ERG: Aims to support employees who are parents or caregivers by providing resources, ensuring a family-friendly workplace that recognizes and adapts to their unique needs and challenges.

Mental Health ERG: Dedicated to cultivate a supportive work environment by offering resources and creating a stigma-free space for open dialogue about mental health.

APAC ERG (Asian and Pacific Islanders ERG): Strives to empower the Asian and Pacific Islanders community within the company, fostering a culture of belonging, enabling career advancement, and amplifying their voice in the company.

DEI Events

European Women in Tech 2023

EVBox made a significant impact at the European Women in Tech conference held in Amsterdam. Proudly setting up a booth for the first time at this insightful event, EVBox demonstrated its commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. The main goal of our participation was to engage with attendees and encourage women to drive technological advancement in the field of electric mobility.

Guest case study at Erasmus School of Economics

EVBox had a unique opportunity to connect with the next generation of sustainability leaders at Sustainability Week, powered by the EFR, a faculty association of the Erasmus School of Economics.

We connected with a group of enthusiastic students who were eager to explore how companies like ours can make a meaningful impact in our society. The creativity and innovation displayed by these brilliant students left us truly impressed and hopeful for the future. 

Thought leadership


Every month, our host Roger Atkins, speaks to industry experts about the current and future state of electric mobility and EV charging. To help professionals adopt EV charging in their business and provide guidance on how to navigate the inevitable shift towards electric mobility. The conversation is recorded live in front of an online audience and is then made available on all podcast streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Here are some 2023 highlights:

1. CPOs Unite: simplifying the grid connection and permitting processes

We welcomed Lucie Mattera, Secretary General of ChargeUp Europe, and Peter Badik, co-founder and Managing Partner of GreenWay

The largest bottleneck CPOs face today, is the time it takes to establish a grid connection point, the complexity of the process to get one, and getting access to sufficient grid capacity.

What today's processes look like varies from one jurisdiction to another, is dependent on the charging capacity CPOs require, and in which way stakeholders and local authorities are involved.

This episode explored how ChargeUp Europe, together with 21 CPOs, signed an open letter to propose five criteria benchmarking state-of-the-art permitting processes that would harmonize and standardize the process of getting a grid connection in Europe.

Listen to the full episode.

2. Lessons to learn from Norway's electrifying success

We welcomed Cristina Bu, Secretary General of the Norsk elbilforening (Norwegian EV Association)

How can governments ensure that EV charging infrastructure is distributed fairly across the country? How did Norway solve that challenge?

This episode showed how Norway has successfully transitioned to electric mobility. We dived into some valuable lessons learned, debunked common myths, and took a detailed look at how to properly scale EV charging infrastructure.

Listen to the full episode.

3. Strategies and solutions for successful fleet electrification

We welcomed Peter Cohen, Director of Business Development at TeraWatt Infrastructure

Fleet electrification comes with its challenges, but for many organizations, having fleet managers convinced that this relatively new technology is the way forward is still one of the first hurdles to tackle. We sat down with Peter to find out how to win over fleet managers who are still on the fence about electrification.

While many fleet operators understand that the future of urban mobility is electric, facilitating a paradigm shift of this size comes with unique challenges. This episode explored how different types of fleet operators can successfully scale up their fleet electrification with the right strategy and a tailored solution.

Listen to the full episode. 

4. Balancing Demand and Responsibility in the EV Landscape

We welcomed Julia Poliscanova, Senior Director of Vehicles & E-mobility Supply Chains at Transport & Environment.

The era of electric mobility mass adoption isn't just about vehicles; it's about embracing a responsible approach across the entire journey. Amidst this pursuit, the European Parliament has introduced the EU Batteries Regulation – a game-changing law that sets rigorous environmental standards for electric car batteries.

We spoke to Julia Poliscanova about the EU battery passport and many more aspects that can help balance the growing demand for raw materials by adopting more responsible sourcing and recycling practices.

Listen to the full episode.

EVBox Masterclass

We highly value the personal relationship we have with the people inside and outside our organization. This time, instead of inviting customers and partners to our offices, the sales teams jumped on the bandwagon and travelled across Europe to meet everyone in person.

EVBox Masterclass came to life: the roadshow that brings us closer to you and expands your knowledge on EV charging solutions. At these events, attendees can get all their questions answered directly by our experts. As well as a great opportunity to learn more about our charging stations, and touch and feel them in real life!

We have been hosting EVBox Masterclass in the following cities and hope to add many more to the list the coming year:

  • France – Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris, Lille
  • United Kingdom – Manchester
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • The Netherlands – Nijmegen

Will your backyard be our next stop?

2023 was an important year of change at EVBox

We unveiled our new brand, partnered with key players in the mobility industry, released two revolutionary AC and DC charging stations, solidified our commitment to DEI, and hosted industry experts in our REVOLUTION podcast. This year brought us one step closer to powering our sustainable future, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in 2024.