Our public charging stations are compatible with any grid network and ensure an energy efficient operation at all times. It's the strongest station for every city.

Become one with the city

PublicLine is compatible with all grid networks and is available with double connectors. Its iconic LED-ring provides a clear status indication, making PublicLine a friendly face for electric drivers at day and night.

Take full control of your energy use

We make it our priority to maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities. With adjustable charging rates and Smart Charging configurations, PublicLine ensures an energy-efficient distribution of the available power over multiple charging stations and locations.

Minimize the maintenance

We know you've got plenty of other things on your hands. This is why we've made PublicLine vandal proof, non-flammable and discoloration proof. Its robust and modular build makes the charger the strongest one around.

PublicLine specifications

We listed the basic specifications for our PublicLine below. Looking for more technical details? Download the datasheet here.

  • 11-22kW Charging capacity
  • 2 Number of sockets
  • On the ground Mounting options
  • Socket only Cable options

PublicLine essentials

Here are all the details and instructions you need to set up and charge with PublicLine.