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EVBox charge cards

Our charge cards are the key to every charging station at home, on the go, and even abroad. Start, stop and pay each charging session with just a simple swipe of the card.

On-the-go charging made easy


Order a charge card for free

We make charging easy and convenient by offering free charge cards or key fobs. You get one as standard with your EVBox charging station, or you can order more below.


Access 130,000+ charging stations across Europe

Our charge cards give you access to all public charging stations in our charging network in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe. View our interactive map to find a charging station near you.


Keep track of your transactions in one place

Use the EVBox Charge app or our web-based platform to find nearby charge points, see real-time availability, view pricing, start a charge, and keep track of your charging sessions.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I charge using an EVBox charge card?

Charge using any public charging station within our roaming network of 130,000+ charging stations across the UK, Ireland and Europe. We are continuously expanding our network. Find a charging station near you by zooming in on your location.

Do I need a charge card subscription?

You need a subscription to use your charge card within our public charging network. Subscriptions vary between the UK and Ireland. Download our pricing details to compare our subscription options.

How many charge cards can I order?

When you order an EVBox charging station, you will receive one charge card as standard. You can order additional charge cards and key fobs by following the instructions below.

How do I activate my charge card?

Activate your charge card or key fob via the EVBox Charge app or our web-based platform. Log in or visit our help centre for full instructions.

How much does it cost to charge using an EVBox charge card?

Ordering a charge card and using it to charge on your home charging station is free! Prices for charging within our public charging network vary between the UK and Ireland. Download our pricing details to learn more.

Here's how it works

Get your free charge cards in a few short steps and start charging immediately!


Contact one of our distributors by following the respective link below to order additional charge cards or key fobs.


You will receive your order by post.


Register your charge card(s) or key fob(s) via EVBox charging management software and activate "public charging".


Start charging immediately within our vast charging network.