Electrify your fleet

It's time to integrate electric vehicles into your fleet. EVBox charging solutions are reliable and scalable, with intelligent capabilities to manage and optimize every charging session across all locations.

The age of electric mobility

There are over three million electric vehicles on the road worldwide. The more people go electric, the higher demand for a charging infrastructure. That’s why it’s crucial for you as a commercial fleet owner to go electric. By doing so, you will reduce operating expenses with lower fueling and maintenance costs, while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Offer a new green choice to your customers, while also taking care of the charging infrastructure for your drivers. We've lined up the most important benefits below.

Facilitate drivers at work

We help you to easily manage your staff's and guests' charging sessions with personal charging cards and cloud-based software that automates the allocation and settlement of all charging costs. Meanwhile, we enable you to showcase your innovative and sustainable corporate identity with branded charging stations

Efficiently manage multiple stations

We assist you in preventing overcapacity and maintaining safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities. Our all-in-one charging solution takes care of the full operation and management of charging stations while keeping costs low.

Keep charging affordable

Our Smart Charging features provide a dynamic way to minimize operational costs. By keeping your demand charges in check and curbing charge sessions during peak pricing, we help you reduce your overall cost of ownership.

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Why EVBox

Fleets all over the world are going electric — which is terrific. But making the switch can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in.

Having installed more than 60,000 stations in over 45 countries, we’re more than capable of helping you design and manage your new EV infrastructure. And with the most reliable charging station on the market, choosing EVBox is always the right move.

Ready to go electric?

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