The best EV charging service for your residents and visitors

Access to EV charging facilities have now become a necessity for many of your residents and visitors. Installing charging stations at your establishment makes you a lifesaver for every electric driver, and an essential contributor to a more sustainable future.

The age of electric mobility

There are over three million electric vehicles on the road worldwide. The more people go electric, the more demand for charging infrastructure. That’s why it’s important for you as a real estate developer to start offering charging facilities in parking lots and garages.

“Timmerhuis is actively helping the city improve its air quality. We understand very well that electric transport is crucial to this process.” - Niels Kurver, Real Estate Developer at Timmerhuis & City of Rotterdam

Provide the best service for your residents & visitors

With 24/7 access to charging, you give your customers an exciting new amenity while opening yourself up to a valuable tier of clientele. Plus, with smart charging, you can set your own charging rates and energy usage to start generating profits while keep operating costs down.

Create a new revenue stream

Charging stations will attract electric drivers to park at your facility. EVBox gives you control over usage prices, unlocking an additional revenue stream through the collected fees from your EV drivers.

Manage multiple charging stations

We help you to easily manage and gain insights into the power consumption of multiple charging stations. We also help prevent overcapacity and maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities.

We placed EVBox charging stations at De Timmerhuis — the most sustainable multi-use building in the Netherlands
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Why EVBox?

Having charging stations at your locations is a terrific plan, but it’s not like you can just snap your fingers and make them magically appear. First, you need to think about the power consumption and the overall demand. Then, you need to find a solution that can help keep your utility costs low while making it simple for users to access the stations.

That’s where we come in. With our Smart Charging solutions like load balancing and peak shaving, you can rest easy knowing your stations will never exceed your grid capacity, regardless of how many charging sessions happen at the same time. That’s why we've installed 60,000+ stations in over 45 countries worldwide.

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